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After working as a massage therapist, we discovered two problems:

Experienced massage therapists are in need of more inspiration and motivations

Massage students desperately need better guidance on their journey

That is why we created THE BUSYHIVE COMMUNITY.  This is the only place where practitioners and students come together for inspiration, knowledge, exclusive content and practical steps on what’s next.

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Sins of a Massage Therapist

During my training we were told all massage is good and even a bad massage is nice – its lovely to have touch but sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan.

I have had a lot of massages before deciding to become a therapist and then through my training. It has made me very fussy about who I see for a massage. There have been some awful experiences.

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Setting up my new clinic

I decided to take the leap, to totally disrupt my family life and put an extension on to the house in order to make space for a clinic!

Scary time!!

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My festival experience as a massage therapist.

What a weekend!! I had always wanted to massage at a festival and I think I picked the best to be my first one.

Led by the amazing Lydia Spry the therapists were so well looked after. A few of us brought our massage couches to use but other than that the only thing we had to bring was our skills and enthusiasm.

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Features Podcasts

BHP015 Interview with Geoff Simons – How to build a successful business practice?

Krzys chat to Geoff about how to build a successful practice and share tips that practitioners can do for their business plan.

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BHP014 Interview with Savanna Bell – My Massage World

Krzys interviewing Savanna Bell from My Massage World, We chat about massage schools education, and how you can get booked up a year in advance.

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BHP013 Interview with Leora Sharp – It is possible to feel excited about your Marketing!?

Episode lucky nr 13, where Krzys chat to Leora about what tools you need to market yourself and how to “Don’t do Stress”

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