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After working as a massage therapist, we discovered two problems:

Experienced massage therapists are in need of more inspiration and motivations

Massage students desperately need better guidance on their journey

That is why we created THE BUSYHIVE COMMUNITY.  This is the only place where practitioners and students come together for inspiration, knowledge, exclusive content and practical steps on what’s next.

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Music in the clinic?

I never really thought much about music. I was in my clients home and most of the time there was background noise of the TV or radio or they wanted to talk. Now I have my clinic at home I have had a re think….. but what music should I play?

BusyHive’s first networking event.

The build up to the event had been crazy. I had previously run events and had an idea of how it would go but as the day neared panic set in that we would be alone.

Top Tips to pick a name for your website

Picking a name for your website or business can be a difficult time. You can’t rush into it, you need to make sure it is the right name for you. It reminds me of picking a name for my children, the pressure to pick the right name.

Features Podcasts

BHP023 Interview with Louise Herrington -Accounting and Tax advise for massage therapists.

Krzys interview Louise in the subject of tax returns, self-employment, what to claim, mileage when travelling and how to choose an accountant. Enjoy

BHP022 Interview with Jennie Parke Matheson – What is a Hot stone Massage?

Krzys interview Jennie Parke Matheson and we explore hot stone massage. What is it? What to use? And how to use it! Enjoy

BHP 021 – Cameron Reid – What is an Osteopathy?

Krzys Interview Cameron Reid and his work as an Osteopath. We explore assessment techniques and explaining how to become an osteopath.

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