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After working as a massage therapist, we discovered two problems:

Experienced massage therapists are in need of more inspiration and motivations

Massage students desperately need better guidance on their journey

That is why we created THE BUSYHIVE COMMUNITY.  This is the only place where practitioners and students come together for inspiration, knowledge, exclusive content and practical steps on what’s next.

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Chair massage at Bestival.

Another festival! I was slightly nervous about this one though as I had signed up to do chair massage and would be on my own rather than the set up at Camp Bestival I would be responsible for getting clients and finding a pitch. Having never been to Bestival it all seemed a little scary.

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Are you too available?

Talking to a fellow massage therapist last week, we were discussing booking in clients and how some clients will try and book an appointment on the day. As massage is not my only job I often have some free time in the evenings so when I first set up as a practitioner I never said no, I would change my life around to accommodate the client. I found I was juggling home life in order to put my clients first.

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Post event massage for JDRF bike ride

A group of crazy guys decided to cycle 100 miles to raise funds for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund). I wanted to help but cycling was not for me. So I decided to offer massage therapy to the cyclists after their epic cycle.

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Features Podcasts

BHP019 Kerry Sheahan – How massage helps me get to terms with ME. + Bonus at the end of the episode!

Krzys interview Kerry Sheahan and her inspiring story how massage helps her comes to terms with chronic illness. + Bonus surprise at the end of the episode.

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BHP018 Una Tucker – My experience at World Massage Championship.

This Issue is Sponsored by Bristol Business Solutions Bristol Business Solutions (BBS) is a small, independent company here to support your growing...
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BHP017 – Interview with Jane Langston – What is a Amatsu therapy?

Interview with Jane what is an Amatsu Therapy and the way of Ninjas to treat people.

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