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After working as a massage therapist, we discovered two problems:

Experienced massage therapists don’t get much inspiration and motivations

Massage students desperately need better guidance on their journey

That is why we created THE BUSYHIVE COMMUNITY.  This is the only place where practitioners and students come together for inspiration, knowledge, exclusive content and practical steps on what’s next.

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Features Blogs

7 Top tips for self-care

As massage therapists, it is built into us to care for our clients. Sometimes this can come at our own expense.

If you don’t look after yourself physically and emotionally you will end up becoming run down or ill. This will have a knock-on effect on your clients.

Here are some tips to make sure you look after yourself too

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What am I worth?

I have had a few therapists asking me how to justify what they charge? Are they worth the amount they charge – simple answer – YES you are! But that would prove for a very short blog so here is the longer version….

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Is mobile massage for me?

When you decide to set up your massage business one important decision to make is where you will set up your practice? You have a few options, work...
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Features Podcasts

BHP006 Interview with Suzanne Yates – What is a Pregnancy massage?

Krzys Interview with Suzanne Yates. We talk about Pregnancy massage and misconception about the treating woman in 1st Trimester. Tune in

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BHP 005 Interview with Ruth Duncan – What is a Myofascial Release?

Krzys Interview Ruth Duncan, where we discovering what fascia means. And how she pioneer Myofascial release in UK

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BHP 004 Interview with Adam Carter – What is a Remedial and Sport Massage?

Krzys Interview with Adam Carter and Osteopath and Tutor of Level 5 Remedial and Sport course.

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