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BusyHive Networking Event

The build up to the event had been crazy. I had previously run events and had an idea of how it would go but as the day neared panic set in that we would be alone.

Invites had been sent, emails, social media and good old traditional postage was used to get the word out to as many massage therapists in Bristol that the networking event would be happening. Lots of positive feedback was given and many therapists from further afield commented on it being a great idea and would attend if it was closer to them.

We had contacted many schools to pass information to students and contacted many spas and massage rooms to get posters put up in staff rooms or to pass on emails. I think we had covered every avenue.

We wanted to make the event as interesting as possible but also relaxed.

Having the experience of running ladies nights in the past I decided to offer sellers the opportunity of bringing their products along to sell to the therapists and promote themselves. This worked really well and had the pleasure of

Rick with AquaStones Massage

Sarah with her award winning oils and

Caroline with Neals Yard.

So how could we encourage as many people as possible to attend – we had stalls and free venue so the event was free for the therapist but we wanted to go that further step, we decided as a thank you to the massage therapists who attended to give out bags of goodies, some samples from Amphora Aromatics and leaflets from local schools and oil sellers and also a little something from each stall. We added to this a little gift from BusyHive and some sweets and fruit (this was to cancel out the sweets so they could be enjoyed guilt free)

Three books had been given to BusyHive and we decided these would be great for a prize draw – again this was free to enter.

Turning up an hour early we set about outing up banners and helping stallholders to set up their items. Then came the wait….

Thankfully we didn’t end up sat on our own, many therapists dropped in to say hello and it made us feel so much better about all our time and effort we had invested in the event.

It was great to also have time to spend checking out the items available. I hadn’t experienced Ricks Aqua pillow before and now I have I cant wait to get one!

Its always nice to talk with Sarah and hear about her latest ideas – she really is an inspiration and of course Neal’s Yard have so many lovely goodies to offer.

Once the event had finished and we packed everything away Krzys and I reflected on the day and the months of planning leading up to it. It was a lot of effort and stress and we were a little disappointed more therapists didn’t come after so many promises but we were so happy with the ones that did and we had a great time talking to them and enjoying the event too.

The stallholders were happy and said they would come again so we have decided we will do it all again. We had learnt a few lessons along the way and feel the next one will be bigger and better – there was talk of London so who knows what the next event will hold. You will have to stay tuned…

What would attract you to come to our next event? Please give us some feedback so we can improve and make the next one the best yet! As always please get in touch through social media or email

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