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First Aid – Are you up to date?

My phone rang and I smiled when I saw the name of a friend I hadn’t spoken to in ages! What a nice surprise, I answered the phone with a big smile. Typical of her she got straight to the point….

“Hi, how are you…. Did you book to refresh your first aid?”

Oh no!

Thank God for good friends, the certificate was nearly 3 years old and I hadn’t noticed! Luckily we had done the course together the first time and she realised it was due to expire soon.

On the plus side she hadn’t booked either and so we decided to make this an ideal time to catch up, we had been promising to meet up for ages and never made the time. Now we had to. We managed to book into a course that was within a couple of weeks. I realise how important knowing first aid is and can’t believe I had forgotten it was due to expire, but I knew what to do as I had done the course so renewal wasn’t important…..was it?

Yes the certificate had run out but when do you look at your first Aid certificate though? Its only when it asked for that I would look for it. In fact…where is it?

Had it been an annual renewal I probably would have noted it on next years calendar but three years is too long to look ahead and book. At the time I was using a paper diary so wouldn’t have that years yet.

The day arrived and my friend and I met on the way to the venue, we were heading back to the college we had trained at. On arriving it was a lovely surprise to find there were two others there that I knew, one I had done my sports and remedial training with and the other I had met at Camp Bestival when we were massaging there. Bonus, update my certificate and catch up with more friends.

The day passed quickly and the tutor was great, making us laugh at every opportunity led to the day being more memorable and more information sunk in. He had tailored the day especially for massage therapists and dealt more with situation we were more likely to come across.It was surprising how much I had forgotten over the three years as it is something that (thankfully) I haven’t used.

It made me more aware of provisions I had at home in case anyone had anyone got injured, I really should update everything. I have a few things like plasters and sprays but think its worth investing in a proper first aid kit for my clinic, just in case! It is doubtful anyone would injure themselves in the clinic but they could outside on the way and to be able to care for them is part of our job after all! Also in everyday life outside of the clinic, who knows what situation you may come across!

The course was all day but it was so enjoyable plus lunch sat in the sun with friends meant it went very fast.

I left feeling better for completing the course and reassured in my abilities to help if needed.

So now the plan is

1 – Buy a first aid kit for the clinic – only a small one with essentials so when I do mobile work I can carry it with me.

2 – Get an accident book – didn’t realise I needed one in my clinic!

3 – Buy a frame, so when I get my certificate I can hang it on the wall so I know where it is and when it expires!

3 – Note in my calendar on my phone to book a renewal course for three years time!

My advise to you is go now and check your first aid certificates – hang them if you have a space and be proud of it. Make a note of when it expires, it helps for insurances and memberships of institutes but also, it may save a life!

If you haven’t done a first aid course then make sure you do. It’s not all about injury and CPR but knowledge of what to do if someone has a seizure (this tutor showed us on a massage couch how to move the client) or how to use an EpiPen if needed.

Don’t think you know what to do – make sure you do know what to do!


If you have any story’s of how first aid has helped you in any situation please share with us in the comments below or get in touch We love to hear from you. Stay safe. 🙂

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