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9 Top Tips to create Business Cards

When you set up your business having business cards is a great start for getting your name out there. They are small enough to carry around in your purse or wallet rather than leaflets. You never know when you may bump into a potential client or subject will arise that having your contact details handy can benefit you. They are also small enough for the potential client to slip into their purse or wallet for safekeeping.

They show a brief insight to your business and what you represent so there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind when making them. Krzys has learned the hard way that they can cost you if you get it wrong.

1 – Logo – Do you have a logo? When I first set up I didn’t think it mattered and just chose a generic logo that showed someone in pain and felt this reflected me enough. I ordered cards and I was happy. Then that same logo seemed to appear everywhere, at first I thought it was my card and then on closer inspection realise it was a physiotherapist or a different therapist.

Eventually I got my own logo and now my card stands out against the rest. Think hard about a logo before settling on one. As you can see above Krzys changed his branding and had to change his cards to match.

If you do pick a logo remember to keep it across all marketing items – for example website, t-shirts or any leaflets must have the same logo to show your branding. So pick carefully as it can be expensive if you change it.

2 – Clear wording – You only have a small area to write in so think about what you want to portray in only a few words. Make it clear and precise in a font that is easy to read. It doesn’t have to be really fancy, it’s more about getting the information clearly – the logo is the part to be eye catching not the words.

Think about putting maybe your name or company name bigger than the rest or in bold or a different colour so it’s easy to spot straight away.

3 – Colour – Think about using colour or you could keep it keep it black and white. If you do go for colour think what you are trying to achieve when your client looks at it. Colours can be linked to emotions so chose carefully.

4 – Spelling – Use a spell checker to make sure everything is spelt correctly. You will have at least 100 cards I would imagine so make sure they are spelt correctly. Get someone to read through what you have written to make sure it all makes sense. As you can see Krzys made a mistake and was left with unusable cards.

5 – Take your time – Create a draft of the cards then come back to it the next day or later. Look again and check you have included everything you need to but also its not too much wording – its tricky to get the balance right so don’t rush into it.

6 – Check and re check. – Double-check everything yourself but also ask a friend or two to check as well. The more checks now the better. It’s embarrassing if a client points something out that is wrong or missing and you’re stuck with cards you can no longer give out.

7 – Include the important stuff – Make a checklist, do you have your name, what you do (do you specialize) telephone number and email as a minimum. You could include an address or website. Websites are always good to include, as they are so much easier to update than cards.

8 – Keep it simple – Some people in various other areas of business go too gimmicky. I’ve not seen a massage one but felt I should include this point in case anyone was thinking of it. Stick to standard size business cards, going too gimmicky leads to it getting misplaced. I had one business card given to me that was circular, lovely and eye catching but didn’t fit well in my purse and so eventually got misplaced. You can have gimmicky items like a stress ball to give to clients but don’t replace the business card for it.

9 – Got more to say? Use the back – You could have a picture or advantages of massage or use it for appointments. There is no rule about using the back at all if you don’t want to but nice to have the option of adding extra information.


Good luck with your cards, follow the steps above and should get some lovely cards that reflect you. When someone asks for mine, I always offer more than one and ask if they want a few extra maybe for a friend. Sometimes they only take one but sometimes they gladly take more which is an easy way of getting your name out there.

So don’t rush into ordering – take your time, get proofs checked before ordering and have fun with them.


If you have questions or want help please get in touch or if you have something you think would be good to cover get in touch.



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