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Krzys Klinowski

Krzys is originally from Poland and came to England in search of adventure. He has had many jobs varying from washing dishes in to bar work, a chef and even working night shifts in Ikea.

After signing up to run the Bristol Half Marathon a friend advised him to book a massage the following day as he was bound to be aching.

They were right! He ached so much the following day he could barely walk. The massage was to be amazing for his body, but also it set his mind on fire with ideas.

On the walk he started to think – what a pain (literally) it was to walk to the clinic, he wished he could have stayed at home and rest and maybe a therapist could come to him – so he could rest in the comfort of his own home and recover.

He thought about all the many people that were house bound through age or disability and how much they could benefit from a massage but were unable to visit a therapist or clinic as he had.

This is when he decided there was a need for this and surely he couldn’t be the only person who felt this way.

So he decided to study at BCMB and upon qualification, he founded Bristol Mobile Massage.

Krzys had been interested in anatomy and physiology from a young age, his mum was a nurse, which had a big influence on him. His mum used  Chinese cupping on him and taught him how it worked.

Growing up he experienced lots of types of bodyworks and loved to see the changes it could make and how much it could help people.

He has a constant thirst for knowledge, which led him to sign up to the sports and remedial course.

While on the course, again he was thinking of the challenges he had overcome and how things could be made easier for others in that situation.

There were so many decisions he’d faced down this new career path. Where should he study? What was the right course? How much equipment did he really need? Is it best to rent a space or go fully mobile?

College and education were both great, however as his journey progressed into setting up a business there were more questions than answers.

He thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a place to get all the answers? Perhaps a website where new or developed therapists could go to get advice and help on where to buy equipment, or further their knowledge with books or courses.

And so here we are – Busyhive was born!


Let’s go through this together, there’s no need to struggle alone. Join the community; we are here to help.

Sinead Kelly-Barber

Hello my name is Sinead and I am very excited about starting this new project to help all the massage therapists out there who are starting out on their own journey and maybe to engage some massage therapists who are already set up or looking for inspiration or some fresh ideas.

I thought it might be helpful to stat by telling you a little about me and my journey.

I have always wanted to care for people but as a child growing up I didn’t know how to fulfill that need. I looked at nursing but having a phobia of blood and needles this didn’t seem like a good choice!

At the time it seemed the only option I could see. – Thank goodness career advice has now improved for my children!

I ended up studying business and going to work in the family business. For the last 20 years I have worked alongside my brother to develop the company and set up new areas of the business along the way. Being a small company it is very hands on and has left me with a good knowledge of how things work.

In 2007 and my father suffered a major stroke and this left him paralyzed down his right side and unable to speak. This was one of the most difficult times in my life.  I was very much a “Daddies Girl” and was suddenly in a role reversal where I became his career. It was a huge learning curve!

The physiotherapist we were lucky to have was amazing and when she worked with my father we could see a marked improvement.

I wanted to be more involved in this development and so the physio gave me exercises to do with him to help his recovery.

This was great but I wanted to do more. I realised when she massaged him how much his whole mood changed and how he became much more relaxed he became. He would always have a nap after and woke looking so rested. I wanted to be able to that for him too.

So I contacted a few colleges and luckily came across a taster weekend being offered by BCMB. I decided being a busy mum of two boys with a company to run that I would do the weekend taster, get some pointers and that would be enough to treat my father. Oh how wrong I was!

The weekend was amazing!! – I came home tired but absolutely buzzing! I signed up straight away to a holistic course and couldn’t wait to start. I had to fit it in somewhere and only being in college one weekend a week was definitely doable.

So my father became my best client.

He became very ill and ended up too ill to remain at home, the choice was taken out of our hands and he went into a nursing home.

It was very difficult to visit someone you love and admire so much and them not be able to speak. It was extremely difficult to communicate and although we tried so hard sometimes it proved very frustrating for everyone.

With massage though I felt we were able to connect again, he had a lot of tight muscles where the stroke had held his body so tight for so long.

Every visit I would come in and he would have a huge grin as he pointed to his leg or arm or whichever was bothering him most that day! I would make him a coffee and massage him while telling him about what the children or I had been up to and he loved it.

His hand had been held tight in a fist for many years at this point and although the physio had managed to open it a few times it always went back to a fist again.

I worked on his hand and all the way up to his pectorals and over the course of about a month I got his hand to open permanently.

It was amazing. After all these years I had fulfilled my longing to be able to help someone and there were no needles or blood in sight!

The buzz was amazing and my father was delighted too. Everyone who came to visit he would point out his hand and smile!

This sparked me to learn more and help others with the skills I had started to love. I signed up for sports and remedial massage course and although my father never survived to see me qualify I know he would have been extremely proud of me.

So this brings me more or less to where I am now – I am happy to say I have got over my phobias with the help of hypnotherapy and qualified in acupuncture!

I feel there is no stopping me now and I’m am a much happier person all thanks to massage.

A good friend from the sports and remedial course had the Idea of setting up a site to help other therapists either starting out or on their journey already to offer support and inspiration. He asked for help and how could I say no!

I am going to bring as much advice as I can with my background in business and massage experience to pass on to you all I can.

Massage is awesome and everyone deserves to feel awesome.

So here is looking forward to our first few blogs and podcasts that will be coming your way. Remember to like our page on Facebook and follow us on twitter so you don’t miss all the exciting information that will be coming your way.

This site is run by therapists for therapists; so get in touch and let us know what you would like to see or would find helpful.

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