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From anxious mind to Massage Therapist

Anxiety ….. Scary word! I’m sure we have all heard how massage can benefit someone suffering from anxiety, but I never realised how training in massage could help me with my anxiety!

I am currently sat on a train going to London on my own. I’ve booked to stay overnight and go to a workshop tomorrow where I don’t know anyone!

To some of you this may seem normal and no big deal but rewind a year ago and me back then would be sat at home wishing I knew someone to go with me as I could never go alone.

Rewind another year and the me then would be thinking it was crazy to even think of doing this, let alone all by myself.

So what happened to turn my anxiety around? – Massage!!

Not just receiving but my journey to become a massage therapist.

I have spoken to many massage therapists and have realised one common trend in most…

I found this so interesting and listening to different story’s and realising what others have been though has given me strength to overcome my own fears.

I used to plod though life and constantly worry about what other people thought about me and my actions. I was a real people pleaser and I was always putting myself bottom of the rung.

I won’t go into the whole journey here as it is a long story but I decided to take a very nervous decision to try a weekend trial of massage therapy to see what it was like. This I believe was my turning point.

Everyone was so lovely and empathetic that I felt myself relaxing and enjoying the weekend. This led to me joining the course for the year.

What an amazing decision that was!

Part of the course was to write a journal and this really helped me put my head into order and things appeared on the page that I didn’t even realise had become such a big deal. The best bit was everyone accepted each other as they were – no one judged anyone!

What a refreshing environment.

It did take me a few weekends before I fully relaxed but I felt I finally was able to be me and no one would question that (including myself).

We shared our stories of how we came to this point in our lives and how many of us had some sort of challenge we had over come.

Since my holistic course I went from strength to strength.

I continued my education and met more inspirational people – the sports and remedial course was quite different but even though less of them had anxiety, they all accepted me for me. It was still a loving and safe environment.

With my anxiety came fears – I had a fear of needles and blood, small spaces and spiders. I’m not sure how it happened but I became so confident through massage therapy that I signed up to an acupuncture course (yes I know, needle phobic with acupuncture is a crazy mix!)

I had never received it before the course but in my head I felt that I waned to do it and I had overcome so many challenges in life that this can be over come too! And I was right. (OK I did have Krzys there to hold my hand for support) but it was mostly me!

What I’m trying to say is massage saved me – it made me the person I am today. It wasn’t just receiving massage – although that is fantastic (which reminds me I need to book one). But actually giving a massage – being able to make people feel better in their skin and having the confidence to meet strangers and help them feel at ease around me enough to take their clothes off.

I still am a people pleaser but I make sure I am ok too – I’m not last on the list anymore. I do have the odd feeling of anxiety lurking up behind me but I now understand I am in control so I feel it there but take a deep breath and take it slow but keep going forward that’s the key.

I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for our journey to this point. I know that there is a saying “do not to look back as that is not the way you are going”

These are wise words and good to live by but sometimes a quick glimpse back to acknowledge how far you have come and the challenges to faced to get to this point and feel proud of yourself is a good thing.

Massage therapist rock!!

Be proud of who you are. I am!

So get in touch and tell us your story – any helpful tips we can pass on to others? we would love to hear from you


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