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Adam has an extensive background in different forms of massage including Thai Massage, Tui Na (Chinese Acupressure) and Remedial & Sports. He continued to develop his skill-set in the remedial field and qualified in Osteopathy with first-class honours in 2010.  He has pursued a special interest in the study of Visceral Osteopathy, which looks at how the fascia around the “viscera” or organ tissue can have a profound effect on how we use our musculoskeletal system. He enjoys treating people from all walks of life and works at two complementary therapy clinics in Bristol.

For the past 15 years, he has run courses in massage and clinical skills throughout the UK for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. He currently co-leads the teaching on a Level 5 professional diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage at the Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork. In his spare time, Adams spends as much time as he can with his two young daughters and he loves to play tennis.


 Favourite Quote –

“there’s more wisdom in your body than there is in your deepest philosophies”


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Krzys: Hello BusyHive, it’s Krzys here and thank you for joining me for another episode of podcast your daily dose of inspiration if you enjoying this free podcast please show your support by leaving your rating and review here at  I am simply thrill to introduce my new guest today Adam Carter so let’s dive in.

Welcome busyhive our guest today Adam has an extensive background in different forums of massage including Thai massage, Tui Na, Chinese acupuncture and remedial in sport. He continue to develop his skill set in the remedial field and qualified in Osteopathy in first class honours in 2010 after this he has pursue a special interest in the study of visceral osteopathy which looks at how facial around the visceral organ tissue can have a profound effect on how we use our muscular skeletal system, he enjoy treating people from all works of life and works at two complementary therapist clinics in Bristol for the past 15 years he has ran courses in massage and clinical skills throughout the UK for the assessment and treatment of muscular skeletal problems, he currently teaches on the level five professional diploma in the remedial and sport massage at the Bristol college of massage and body work. In his spare time Adam spent as much time as he can with his two young daughters and he loves to play tennis. So high Adam thank you so much for joining here at busyhive.

Adam: Hi and you’re more than welcome

Krzys: so let’s transition into the first topic of our show that’s a success quote here at busyhive we like to start every show with a little motivational quote so Adam what do you have for us today?

Adam: Well I’ve got a number of favourite quotes, I thought I’d pick one out that relates to body work and massage practice it’s a quote from Nietzsche which is “there’s more wisdom in your body than there is in your deepest philosophies” and for me that really underlines the journey that I’ve had since getting into body work and massage practice it changed my life and it’s being a wonderful journey that is it’s a constant learning process every time you work with the body, work with the patient you learn something new and the body’s a wonderful thing.

Krzys: That’s a really great way to apply that kind of quote in to your work, so Adam I give little intro but here at busyhive we really focus on our beginning of our journey so why don’t you tell us how did you get started and how did you get to the point, where are you today?

Adam: Well I first taught it out practicing Thai massage over in Thailand it was an unexpected start to an unexpected journey I’d recently qualified in art subject in philosophy and French something completely unrelated took a trip out to Thailand with the strong interest in yoga at the time and

Krzys: Did you practice yoga?

Adam: I did practice personal practice of yoga and I came back a year later with this new Thai massage skill, lots of encouragement and motivation from people out there he said that it was something that I really should be seeing and I came back to the UK a year later and began a training in Holistic massage and then from there I went into sports and really since then it’s being as I said you know in relation to the quote a minutes ago it’s really being an exploration of the body and one that I’ve taken where I’ve being able to pursue my interest in working with patients different people from all works of life so from sport massage I went into a branch of Chinese medicine called Tui Na which was recommended to me and found it really for treating a whole range of sport and muscular skeletal problems.

Krzys: Can you just bring us a little bit what’s that, what’s?

Adam: Yeah Tui Na is effectively Chinese acupressure so it’s deep work with various point within the facial system following closely the meridian and meridian points of Chinese medicine but with more of a sport and Maya facial focus and I from there I found that I was treating a lot of people with long term muscular skeletal problems suffering from whether it be sport injury or other functional type problems they responded very well to tissue work but I felt I wanted to take that further and really try and find out more, I dealt more into the anatomy and physiology behind gaining greater understanding of why those people were in pain and not functioning and that took me into osteopathy which was a fantastic experience a very a long hard training of five years where I you know I commuted long distances over a long period of time so it’s very much a labour of love.

Krzys: Where did you study?

Adam: So I studied in Oxford Brooks not the other Oxford I hasten to add and I am in very much that shape where I am now with my practice and absolutely no regret and it actually you know I got what I very much hoped from it which is more of a concrete understanding about how the body works a more detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology and how I could apply that with my other massage experience and that has very much brought me to where I am today.

Krzys: Brilliant thank you, so when you study arts before all this journey, have you had any kind of body work?

Adam: I did am a keen tennis player as you now know and I suffered from a number of injuries early on which partly got me into yoga at (inaudible – 07:28) into yoga when I was at Regenate university before I started all of this and I suffered from a number of knee injuries and foot and ankle injuries and that was I think a lot of people get into this through experience of how it can help them in their own life and am no exception.

Krzys: Yes thank you. So in your mind can share with us one of your challenges as a new therapist?

Adam: Yeah I thought about this well I think that when you do a training whether it be a massage course or an osteopathy training

Krzys: Was that to traveling?

Adam: Also traveling involved as well the main focus of the training is very much working with the body what you would do when you know the patient is with you in the treatment room that’s pretty much 95% of the focus of the training which is why we all go into it and why we all do it you come out and you realize there’s a whole other aspect to building a business and the whole other area, aspect of the patients journey if you like in terms of how they are going to find you and where they going to see you in practice how you going to you know build a practice and so I think the biggest challenge is stepping out from that world that kind of cocoon world in college in to the kind of big real world outside of that where you got to bring a number of other different things into play around building a practice and a business and I you know people regularly come to me and ask how long does it take and I would say you know a good couple of years Bristol possibly and exception, very complementary therapy friendly but it takes time just to get yourself out there that’s how I overcame the challenge of effectively building a business as a new practitioner.

Krzys: So definitely a patient and that’s you know if it comes

Adam: Patient time, and getting out there talking to as many people as possible am just being mindful that it does take time to bring it all together yeah.

Krzys: Thank you for sharing that. So well then am excited to move into our next topic which is my favourite part of the show it’s called the question time well actually we need to find a different name for that but at the moment it’s question time because this is the way what we really take some time to ask in direct question and you come back to ask with some direct responses does that sound like a plan?

Adam: That sounds good to me.

Krzys: Brilliant, so one of the first questions is can you explain to us what is it sport and remedial massage?

Adam: Ok, well sports and remedial massage we probably term or I would term the other way around remedial in sports so it’s using massage skills to address a number of what we would call in the trade muscular skeletal problem say a patient coming with a range of issues from back pain to knee problem to sports related injuries and it’s combining the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the working body together with a number of other clinical skills and massage skills to help people overcome this problems and return to a more normal function and something they can put back into their life.

Krzys: Brilliant, so but who can become a sport massage therapist, it can be you know person who just decides like you wow! You know I had a few treatment and you know sound you know that feels amazing so you know is something I can do?

Adam: Absolutely the short answer to that is anybody all the courses that we run in Bristol we find that it’s a broad mix between current practitioner, massage practitioners or people in related body work fields who would like to know more about working with the skeletal system and adding to their skills set in that way ranging from existing practitioners through to people who are looking for change in career one other things that I love about my job is that it’s you know away from an office not office base very nice office to have with a you know treatment couch in the room and you know you’re constantly with people and helping and conversing with people it’s a very rewarding job to have and many people when they are looking at changing jobs and skills sets and careers and look to I think probably three personal experience of receiving treatment I think the same thing this is actually a nice way to work so we are very happy for those people to approach us and for us to discuss with them how they can bridge some of the gaps if you like not having previous experience in joining our training course.

Krzys: So who can benefit from that kind of range of skills?

Adam: Well again with the risk of repeating myself anybody remedial is very much that it’s massage to remedy problems and really designed it’s a set of skills that we teach people to enable them to help their patients from all works of life whether it be someone who is very sports related as they might be coming in with a sports injury through to someone who perhaps has injured their back through lifting something at work or doing another recreational activity so anybody potentially can benefit.

Krzys: That’s brilliant. So let’s dive into the next question I have for you, because a lot of those you know the people who are listening are either just starting out or maybe they have had their business for a while but they are all struggling with self-doubt as they work on building their own business you mention about this little bit idea on how to start your business you know how to get out to the people and having being patient but if you woke up tomorrow morning and you still possess all the experience, your skills, your knowledge you currently have but your business completely disappears forcing you start from the scratch what would you do?

Adam: Well I’ve probably got a bit of related experience from this, so my wife is pretty much in this position she is a practising massage therapist and we have two girls five and eight as she’s being a full time mum for you know for a good five or six years and she’s now in a position where she has a skill that she had before but doesn’t have her patient practise and we’ve sat down and thought about it and I think within the climate that it currently is I would definitely suggest social media as one of the best ways to short cut that two or three year time in other to build a practice and really use social media to your advantage really try to tap into social networks that you’re familiar with so for my wife it would perhaps be a social media or Facebook page related to mum’s in the local area, in school within our local school and probably I would suggest really trying to again rather than rely so much on leaflet and information really trying to get face to face to show people what you can do with the skills that you have and that might mean making an initial discount offer to attract people in and I think you’re much better off spending time perhaps doing some discounted treatments rather than you know writing articles or whatever it maybe or you know writing leaflet get out there and talk to and show people as many people as you can what you do.

Krzys: So what’s sort of discount would you suggest?

Adam: It doesn’t have to be huge but you know something in the region of 10 or 15 pounds I think will be attracted to a lot of people and then once they know what you do and are aware of the skills that you have and think this is fantastic this really works for me then that’s something you can then take from there but I think an initial discounted offer social media is very powerful and the message gets out there quickly to a lot of people.

Krzys: Definitely I agree this

Adam: That will be my best suggestion

Krzys: Definitely agree you know the social media this days is just the things you have to do and be on it and there’s really, really busy and is free that’s really important thank you for sharing that with us. So now we are going to transition into the next topic right now so here we have little bit moment to get promotion or view either your courses, your books, your practice or anything you would like to share with us so we would give you a little bit of the free sale time, go.

Adam: Thank you well one of the of cause I love my practice I practice at two clinics in Bristol but what I’d really like to talk about is the course that I teach on the remedial and sports massage course in Bristol we run a fantastic course it’s a level five remedial and sports diploma at the Bristol college of massage and body work and the college has being running courses for over 25 years and has a really fantastic reputation at fostering and nurturing massage community not just running courses and am very proud and pleased to be part of that and being able to you know bring an area that am particularly passionate about remedial work and muscular skeletal work related to massage therapy to link that to some of the big ideas I’ve being running at this college for a long time around for a bit of what we are talking about earlier about the experience I initially had coming out to training courses and feeling that you’re potentially isolated in a big wide world out there that’s quite different from being in a training course and BCMB the Bristol College works very well to ensure that isn’t the case when students come out they are lots of graduate programs running in supervision groups and in my experience of running the course over the last four or five years many people I’ve stayed in touch with is not being a you know a good bye when the course is finished so it feels like very much an ongoing community that we are building and I feel very happy to be a part of.

Krzys: And even a family that’s why I brought you here because I’ve being a part of this family here I study at BCMB I done my holistic and sports when we done it with you and even today it was really funny we both came today, you be in office and I would just walked in and what I did I just told you it’s really, really after coming back after few months it still feel like home and we just literally know they going to laugh at this because that’s what this school is about which is amazing and I really definitely recommend this place we going to leave the links to the school in the courses and our short notes. So next thing what we really have on the list something what we called the tag the guest game so we would like to ask you who you admire and can you help us recommend the person for our coming interview with me here at busyhive?

Adam: Well again I thought of a number of people that have inspired me in my journey along the way but probably top of the list would be Thomas Mayer who was instrumental in really bringing the world of Mayer facial Mayer facial release to the UK and I read his book anatomy trains many years ago and for me it was a real turning point and a light bulb moment in terms of how the body interconnects via the soft tissue system which is so instrumental and profound in its effect on all types of other systems and one which hasn’t really being considered in detail previously to the Mayer facial guys like Mayer’s coming along and the (inaudible – 21:52) with their ideas and how the facial system can be manipulated so he would definitely be a recommendation, his a big personal inspiration for me and has really introduce a number of concept that stay very close to my practice.

Krzys: Brilliant, thank you Mr Mayer’s we would be in touch with you if you’re listening. So this is so great Adam thank you so much for joining us today, you have giving so much great advice and we all better for it so let’s finish this show with the last piece of advice from busyhive listeners and then we would say goodbye. If you had just one thing for our listeners to take out from this episode what would it be?

Adam: Well my advice simply would be make massage a part of your life so if training really isn’t for you then I would you know certainly suggest taken up some treatment I think we could all do with work on our bodies and some type of adjustment and movement work to help move us through life whether it be body work or acupuncture or talking therapy, massage

Krzys: Yoga

Adam: Yoga

Krzys: Dance

Adam: Absolutely

Krzys: Tennis

Adam: Indeed massage is a wonderful way to help move you through life in all sorts of ways physically, emotionally and spiritually so if you haven’t made it a part of your life then do so and to all fellow practitioners out there I think just coming back from my initial quote around the wisdom held within the body I did trust, you know lots of people ask me about what their next step should be and I think that’s what that quote for me very much relates to, I think let the you know let what you experience and interact with your patients and when you’re hands on in the tissues what really speaks to you from the body and let that be your overall guide in terms of where you would like to go next so that would be my best advice.

Krzys: That’s really valuable thank you Adam. So how can we connect with you online?

Adam: So probably am best contacted via the college or community that I work with so BCMB Bristol College of massage and body work we have a website and on there are links to social media and Facebook pages.

Krzys: Brilliant, thank you Adam. I gone through the sport remedial course myself and it has expand my knowledge I really glad I got the opportunity to chat with you today and if you listeners are interested in learning some more sports and remedial course at BCMB you can go to podcast and all the information would be there and as always all the links we mention here will be in our short notes. So Adam thank you so much for taking the part and talk to me in our show today am honoured to have you here and it was so much fun hopefully we’ll get to chat again soon, bye for now.

Adam: It’s being a pleasure thanks very much.

Krzys: Thank you.

So now you came to the end of today BusyHive podcast and hopefully you found a lot of inspiration and ideas for you to implement in your own practice, if you found some valuable tips in this podcast today please take a minute and subscribe to our podcast of  it will only get better from here and be sure to share it and tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter and all of the other social media sites I would surely appreciate a social media love. Now you can you subscribe to our newsletters at so thank you again for listening and I can’t wait to connect with you again, stay tuned BusyHive.

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