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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Sarah Worley at

BHP008 Do we need a website? And what a good website should contain?

Sarah has been working within administrative, managerial, and advisory roles for the past 12 years. For the second half of this time, she found herself working alongside a range of small businesses which included an outdoor pursuits company, complementary health centres, a group trying to gain permission for of a local free school. She found so much satisfaction working with small businesses – really seeing the difference she could make, helping them mould and develop their businesses, and feeling a real sense of appreciation for them. It’s this that led her to re-evaluate her skills and experience and to the creation of Bristol Business Solutions.


Favourite Quote:

“be true to yourself”

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KRZYS:                     So welcome Sarah and thank you for joining me here at Busy Hive Podcast.

SARAH:                     Thank you for having me. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     So here at Busy Hive we like to start every show with our guest favourite quote. It’s kind of our way to get everybody motivated and excited for the rest of the show. So Sarah can you tell us what’s your favourite quote and why?

SARAH:                     (Laughter) I, I find this question incredibly hard if I’m honest! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Okay!

SARAH:                     When I’d seen from other podcasts that you ask people their favourite quote, I immediately went, right, okay! Let’s find a great mot, motivational quote, something to really inspire people, and then I just realized that’s, that’s not me! I don’t know any inspirational quotes. I don’t have any! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Okay!

SARAH:                     And it’s not that I don’t believe in them, it’s just not something that I, I have to hand and, and work towards in my life. So I don’t have a quote but the closest that I can come up with is just “be true to yourself”. So hence why I have no quote! I’m so sorry! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     No, no! That’s, that’s amazing! You really don’t have to if you know, quotes are for us sometimes just give you the idea, direction, motivation but sometimes we just don’t need that, that’s just the word! If there is something inside you already you know, you just don’t need that. This is just a kind of reminder as to get us motivation. Can you repeat, can you say that again? What was the last one, yours?

SARAH:                     So it’s just about being true to yourself and who you are and I’m a big believer in that. You know, you, you shouldn’t mold yourself to what society thinks you should behave like and do or what other people think you should behave like and do. You should always be true to who you are and be comforted in that.

KRZYS:                     And that’s amazing! You see exactly because you are like that! (Laughter) (Thank you) And that’s, that’s who you are!

SARAH:                     Yeah! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     So here at Busy Hive we really focus on the beginnings of the journey. So can you tell us, how did you get started and how did you get to the point where are you today?

SARAH:                     This could be a, a very long answer but I’ll try my best not to turn it into an essay style. Kind of like you said in the introduction, I have been doing Admin, Marketing, Managerial type roles pretty much since I left Uni and that has involved selling, maintenance, contracts for elevators. It’s involved climbing, instructing, cleaning, you know, I’ve done quite a mixture of jobs but about six years ago, I took on a sort of part-time Reception/Admin role for the Alma Vale Centre in Clifton and that was split because at the time, The Bristol College of Massage and Body Work, like you’re familiar with was based there as well and that was kind of the start of my journey in that sense of complimentary health and business support side of it, all really! You know, I. I’ve been there for almost six years now. Apart from that, a brief break when I went travelling for a few months (laughter) and I’ve supported the college moving out into its own premises developing, you know more roles going to managerial role for the college as well as the Alma Vale Centre and then it was only about a year ago that I decided I fancy the change. I wanted to do something different, I wasn’t entirely sure what and just circumstances happened that I left Massage College. I still work at the Alma Vale Centre as well on a part-time basis and I, I started doing my own thing a little bit more. Just by pure chance really. I realized that the work I’d been doing was all the same style and I kind of had a business. I’ve always been self-employed for a large chunk of my jobs and so I realized it was about time I just named my business. (Laughter) So I marketed myself in that way and really just taking ownership of what had kind of just have been happening anyway but in a different way. Does that kind of answer the question?

KRZYS:                     It does definitely! So that’s how Bristol Business Solutions came to life.

SARAH:                     Yes! Yeah! Exactly!

KRZYS:                     So what, at Bristol Business Solutions what, what does your company do? What do you do?

SARAH:                     (Inaudible 4:19) Very good question. (Laughter) I always term, term it business support just because it is so vague a subject but in a nutshell, I do a lot of admin and managerial support for small companies. That involves support to three Complimentary Health Centers within the Bristol area. But then I also do website work for companies such as Busy Hives. So creating websites if you don’t already have one or are also kind of rebuilding, if you’ve got a site that you’re not happy with and you need a bit of a facelift as such. So that’s kind of a key thing that I do along the side but then also a bit of training for people in websites and social media. It really is aimed at people that are new to getting started or you know, are taking a long but need a little bit of extra support, that where I can kind of come in and hopefully help guide and put you in the right direction.

KRZYS:                     That’s really, really good. So can you tell us in your mind, what was, when you started your business, yourself as a business, what was one of the challenges when you started?

SARAH:                     I guess the biggest chal, challenge is always the gamble that you take, you know, especially if you are self-employed. We all have bills to pay, we all have dreams that we’re trying to build towards which ultimately involve money. So it is a gamble, you know. I left the Massage College which paid me a regular wage and I was on you know, normal employment and I gave that up for a job that was giving me less hours. (Laughter) It wasn’t necessarily a sensible decision in that sense so I was left with spare time going, okay; well I’ve got to fill this. This is kind of where the idea of the business came along from but it was a gamble but I kind of felt that you have to take gambles sometimes so that you can at the very least give it a go. I guess that it’s one of the times that if it didn’t work, it wasn’t a failure cause at least I tried. (Yes, yes) and that was really important for me and it was great that I was supported by friends and family who were just a hundred percent behind me to give it a go. Give it your all and, and see what happens.

KRZYS:                     That’s really, really good! So you share with us a lot today and I really, really appreciate that. So now we have reached my favourite part of the show. We are about to enter the part when we choose the topic of the conversation which relates close to the work of our guests. So we want to start with a few questions, gather some amazing insights. How does that sound like?

SARAH:                     Exciting!

KRZYS:                     So let’s talk about websites! Shall we?

SARAH:                     Yes, why not? (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     There’s, about ten years ago, okay when you had website, people really, like, look weird at you, didn’t trust you. Okay, however, now these days as a business if you don’t have a website, you are not really credible, you know, you’re just not there, you have to have a, you know, be online. So what do you think? Do you have to have a website these days?

SARAH:                     Absolutely! I think it’s so important these days you know, if anyone, even if you’re relying on word of mouth, which I think is a fantastic way to get business, the vast majority will hear your name, hear that recommendation, then go check you out online. You know, especially with things like Google, where you can be rated, you can get that sort of feedback as to what people think about you. So I think it’s really important to have a website so that you’re on display and people can do that little background research to just go, yes, you look nice, you seem credible, trust you to at least have a conversation about how you can work with me.

KRZYS:                     So what do you think, what, what should be on that website? You know as a Therapist, what should be on that website? What should we include?

SARAH:                     I was about to say the more the better, now that does get away from putting too much on the website, so I’ll slightly hold back with that but I think it’s really important to have clear information about what you offer. You know; if you offer a range of different therapies, make sure that you have pages about those different therapies that show people what it is or basically why then should come see you for that, that therapy. People love testimonials so you know, speak to your, your clients and ask for feedback, You know, a couple of sentences for them to say, you know, why they like to come to you for a massage or whatever it is so that there is feedback that way and definitely something about yourself as well. Put a picture up there, you know, show people who you are and really you know, we’ve kind of done it in the interview. What inspired you, what makes you such a nice, friendly, passionate professional individual that would inspire someone to come, come have a session with you? And then one other important thing, contact details. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Yeah, very important!

SARAH:                     Make sure your phone number, email address or an online contact form, however you want to be contacted and just make it really easy for people to get that information. The worst thing is when people have to hunt for what they are looking for. They get bored and they disappear.

KRZYS:                     I will add as well, put possible prices. You know, what do you do and possible prices. You know what you do and you know how much it cost cause people like to find out yeah, what do you do, but how much.

SARAH:                     Yeah! Absolutely! People get nervous; they don’t want to call you up to say “how much do you charge?’ Hoo, that’s too much! That’s an awkward conversation. So especially the British (Laughter) so make it nice and clear. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     I, I’m going to come back to one of the things you said, the pictures, the, the photos of you. A client really, really important, you know, people like visual things. Especially now in my example, I’m, I’m, my business is mobile, so I come to people’s houses and people like to know, see who you know, who is that, who is going to come. That’s nice!

SARAH:                     Yeah!

KRZYS:                     What’s that? Let us look, so you know, when, when, when I turn up it’s me.

SARAH:                     Yeah!

KRZYS:                     So that’s quite, quite, really important! So, okay, now we, we talk about things we should have, so other things we shouldn’t have on the website. You know, like dos and don’ts.

SARAH:                     Yeah, I mean don’t kind of like I was saying in terms of don’t make it hard for people to find the information. A nice clear website and that kind of comes back to the don’t overload it with information. You can have a lot of information on the site as long as it’s, it’s clear, it’s easy to read and it’s not too kind of cluttered. Unfortunately we’re becoming very lazy, you know, social media shows that. People can’t be bothered to read a lot of information. They want to (quick, quick, quick) get it quick, quick, quick! So your website does need to be like that as well! Really highlight the important information, videos are fantastic as well. People don’t have to bother even reading; they can just click a button and they can see you, they can hear you and you can just tell them exactly what they want to know. (Laughter) So videos are really important.

KRZYS:                     Yeah, I think pictures and videos these days, now, yeah, in the mainstream.

SARAH:                     Absolutely! Absolutely! And then one of the things we don’t, although, it’s, it’s, it’s a really tricky one is all sort of debates in terms of how much you can say on a website of how therapy will fix this and, and cure this and do all of that stuff. If you make any statement about that sort of thing, really do back it up with some sort of research even if it’s a case of you know, diverting, you know, sending them to a different website that backs it up. You know, testimonials can be really good for those sorts of things as well. You know, someone has seen you for a particular problem and they’ve really seen results because of the work you’ve done, get them to put it in a testimonial to help back up what you’re trying to say.

KRZYS:                     That’s really, really good. How about blog or not to blog?

SARAH:                     Oh! I find that a really tricky one!

KRZYS:                     Do you blog?

SARAH:                     Do I blog? No I don’t! I’m terrible. I tell people all the things that they should do and I don’t do them myself. (Laughter) Don’t do social media but you should, okay! (Laughter) I’m, I guess, the reason why I don’t blog comes back to why I hesitate as to say, should you blog or not? I think blogs are a great way of keeping your website up-to-date. That means you’re constantly looking at your site, adding new things (new content) and in terms of Google they like that. They like websites that they can see people are maintaining in that sense rather than a dead site that you never do anything to. So there’s that side of it. Blogs also can mean that you can really highlight your expertise. It’s a way of really showing people, look, I know about this stuff or I’m interested in this stuff. I’ve gone away and researched it; this is what I’ve got to say. So you know, there’s brilliant ways to kind of demonstrate how, how good you are at what you do by blogging I guess. The downside is if you’re not very good at it, then, it’s almost like what’s the point? If, if you haven’t got anything good to say, well then maybe try and do it in a social media form way. You haven’t got to kind of write up you know, a big chunk of text. So it’s trying to find that balance between (I’ve) how much you’ve got to say and how you’re going to go about doing it.

KRZYS:                     Well I kind of, well I agree with you over the both ways cause I, I would say blog but I would say don’t well, I don’t, I blog and I don’t blog because (yeah) as a foreigner first of all, as a foreigner and I, it’s really hard for me, you know, I can, I can say things (Laughter) I can come up with idea, I just can’t write them down. I can, it just takes me much, much longer, than you know, it should.

SARAH:                     Yeah!

KRZYS:                     And that’s why, you know the other ways you can just, just find people who like writing and just talk to them, hire them or just (get that support or do a video blog). Do a video blog or you know, ask them, you know, “can you write something for me, I give you massage!”

SARAH:                     Yeah!

KRZYS:                     And you can talk through it, to what you want about it and then the person can get ideas. There’s always, always a way you can do that.

SARAH:                     Absolutely, yeah. So that comes to yeah, if in doubt, find support, find another way to do it if needs be rather than forcing yourself to do something that you’re not confident doing.

KRZYS:                     Or don’t say, “no I’m not going to do it because I, I can’t!” Just, there’s always way around it. You just need to step back and just find the ideas.

SARAH:                     Yeah! Absolutely!

KRZYS:                     You just, you can find them on (Laughter)

SARAH:                     There we go! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Of course! So website providers, so what’s, what is out there and which one would you recommend?

SARAH:                     To be honest, there are loads out there so I don’t necessarily have the, yes use these, don’t use those sorts of things. It’s bit of research! I guess I may as well promote the fact that I use, One and One (1and1), and I really rate ease of using it and for in terms of domains and hosting a website. But then in terms of creating a website, again there’s different ways of you can go around doing it, but I use Word Press. I think it’s a really easy programme to use. Certainly, in terms of when I build a site, I use Word Press cause I know once I’ve finished I can hand it over to the client and they can confidently update it, make changes, they can take ownership of their website rather than in the old days when it was a big complicated thing and a Web Designer would do something weird, (laughter) that you had no idea how to use it (Laughter) (Yeah) and you constantly relied on having to go back to them, which costs money and it takes time. So I think Word Press is great for clients to be able to continue using confidently afterwards.

KRZYS:                     Okay! Are there any others out there apart from Word Press?

SARAH:                     There certainly are. If you’re looking for the ones that you don’t need to have expert sort of Web Designer qualifications, there are things like Wix, I’ve personally not used it but I’ve heard very good things about. There’s another one but my brain has gone slightly blank on that one but there is various sites where (Square space) that’s it! (Is that one?) Yes! I’d square something in my head (Laughter) and I (Laughter)     Square box, square (Laughter) So I would say kind of those three are the kind of key contenders for people that don’t have those qualifications as such.

KRZYS:                     Okay! Brilliant! So in addition to have a website, you know what other online presence Therapists should have and why?

SARAH:                     So Social Media is obviously the key one (yeah) and like I said I’m a hypocrite cause I don’t use it well enough. But Social Media (You just started a year ago!) What, a year ago? Usually I go on and I do a few posts but,

KRZYS:                     I haven’t go, I haven’t, well I’ve been on Facebook with my business, Bristol Mobile Massage. But I haven’t, like it took me quite long time to get like past this and get more like on Twitter, Instagram and so on.

SARAH:                     Yeah, exactly! And I’m, I’m a key believer that as there are so many different social media platforms out there and I think that’s what a stumbling block for a lot of people is. They look at all these options and just go “oh God, I don’t know half of them, I haven’t got time to post on all of them, awwh!” and then they just walk away and they don’t know what to do. So I really recommend, don’t try and do everything, not all at once. There’s no point, pick a couple that you are happy to give a go at, (pick one) or just one! Exactly, you know the, the key, sort of, well depending on what sort of thing you’re doing you know, but Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus, you know, they’re kind of the obvious ones that are very similar that you could work with. But also you’ve got Instagram, Pinterest, if that’s sort of relevant to the sort of thing that you are doing. And yeah, just pick one or two and stick to that to make your life easier and if you can just dedicate sometime every week to actually put some posts on there and in many ways there’s no excuse cause there are programmes that you can use, you know, I use buffer, that’s my key one. That means you can use half an hour, create a bunch of posts and then schedule them and then you don’t have to think about them for another week. It’s all sorted so it’s not like it’s a daily chore or something that you have to chip away at every single day but it’s; it’s a really good way of getting yourself out in front of people and helping promote your, your business.

KRZYS:                     Now, brilliant! So now the big one; in terms of costs, how much it costs to build the website?

SARAH:                     Good question! (Laughter) Always a very tricky one, (Laughter) obviously, it does depend on what you do. If you did the site to just build yourself a website using one of those sort of programmes that allow you to do it, you would need to consider the fact that there is the cost of a domain name so you know, the website link as such.

KRZYS:                     yeah! With this one, can you explain just explain exactly because the website itself, but what comes with it? Cause there’s, it’s not just having a website, there’s so much more things to get alive, you know the website live.

SARAH:                     Exactly! I guess there are kind of three main things when it comes to building a website. First of all, you need the domain name, so that is the link that someone would type in to be able to get your website. So you have to purchase (www) exactly! So you have to purchase that first, and that is usually kind of a yearly fee and it’s not much! It can be less than ten pounds a year or so, so it’s not a big expense. Then you have to have the hosting company and this is because a website does have to sit somewhere on a computer basically. That’s kind of how it works (Laughter) and it doesn’t sit on your computer or server, it sits on someone else’s. So you do pay someone (What?! On someone else computer?) I know! (Laughter) So you do have to pay that but again, it’s a small fee. You know, at the moment, I pay less than five pounds (£5) a month for my hosting. Quite often there are introductory rates both for the domain and the hosting so it may be a bit cheaper for your first year or two but again you’re looking at ten pounds (£10) a month sort of fee so it’s not much; quite low expenses. So those are the two things I think people forget about. They kind of go, “oh I’ll just build a website!” So those are the two kinds of hidden costs.

KRZYS:                     Okay!

SARAH:                     Then there is the cost of the website itself, so there are ways of doing it yourself using things such as, you know, Word Press potentially or Square Space or something like that or you can get someone else to, to build it for you and depending on your expertise, I would, I would recommend that. There are definitely aspects of security, backing it up, all these things that you don’t necessarily think of if you’re building it yourself. The cost really does depend on who you’re working with and how complicated your site is. It can cost anything from around a hundred and fifty pounds (£150) to get someone to build it to ten grand? (Laughter) Obviously, obviously the ten grand option is probably not for Therapists just starting out, (Laughter) but it’s amazing! You know, I’ve been talking to friends recently about a complicated site that she is getting built and yeah, it’s in the thousands of pounds to get built but that’s cause it’s custom made and there’s certainly lots of extra things that certainly a new Therapist wouldn’t need to worry about.

KRZYS:                     So that’s the cost of the building websites. So are there, well we, I think, I think we talked about the hidden costs. So that will be…

SARAH:                     That’s the key kind of monthly costs that you’ll be looking at. If you’re using a system that you happen to manage yourself, then there is obviously no extra fees in that sense. But there is certainly people such as myself, that we, some companies they can’t be bothered to do that so they just pay me like an annual fee, knowing I’m going to keep their site up-to-date and make a few little changes as and when they need me to.

KRZYS:                     Yeah, yeah! That’s brilliant! Cause, I, I can say, well I, I in the beginning for Bristol Mobile Massage, I used my website. I used Wix, when I built my website up myself which was quite hard in the beginning, even, even though it, you can build your, yourself but it’s you know, when I don’t have any background in design and website building, still you can click and press and move things, it’s still quite, it took me quite a while but I did it. So it is doable and you can really have good fun (yeah) fun with it and make it. However, if you want to build the website, you really, really want to invest and make a really, really good one. That’s what I recommend, to hire someone. That’s why, we, we hire, we hire Sarah (Laughter) and building our Busy Hive website as you can see, is, is, is great, amazing. Very you know, big, big thank you to Sarah and we still you know, use her (Laughter) for other things, exactly to, to make, well other things, as a main thing in website (Laughter) as well!

And so the next question I have for you is because a lot of our listeners are either just starting out or maybe they’ve been in the business for a while but is still struggling to work on building their own business. So what would be answer for the next question, ‘if you just woke up tomorrow morning but you still possess all the experience and knowledge you currently have, but your business have completely disappeared, forcing you to start from the scratch, what would you do?

SARAH:                     (Laughter) I guess I’ve got a few answers to that. I mean first of all, I guess I could start with a bit more confidence (Laughter) you know, I, I said from before, it’s, it’s scary to take that leap and the leap has worked for me, so at least I could just go “great, (Laughter) I’ll do this with confidence!” But there are definitely things that I would do differently to, to how I’ve gone about it. You know, for starters, the website that I currently have, I’m looking at on a regular basis going, “I need to make some big changes to that already!” You know, my business has developed and changed from what I started a year ago, to what it is now and it’s amazing how that’s not uncommon when you get started. Things do develop and change within what you first anticipated so I’ll certainly be rebuilding my website and I’ll possibly be doing that anyway now, soon. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Yes!

SARAH:                     And then, I guess, I guess, it slightly comes back to confidence but again, because my, my business has slightly changed how I first anticipated. There are things that I could set up from scratch that has actually taken me six months, nine months, a year to develop you know, such as some training programmes that I offer people in sort of creativity in social media and websites. These are all things that I developed later down the line, whereas it’s something I could just promote from the start.

KRZYS:                     Okay, brilliant! Now I think the confidence is the big one and yeah, yeah, really thank you for that because I, I even, well myself, there was a big, big step. I was working various jobs, I had three jobs at the time and I was studying and doing massage and just starting out and make this decision to actually just you know, everyone. I’d done it quite quickly cause I’d just drop everything and, well I didn’t drop every but I just, just changed everything and just went into massage and I said, I just going to make it, I just have to and I did. And everyone needs to have their own pace, their own way to work, work out but I think really believe in yourself, really believe yourself and get support, your family and friends and just at least try it, at least try it!

SARAH:                     The one thing you have to do is just try it!

SARAH:                     Definitely and I think what you just said there is really important because you do have to put the leg work in to make it work, you know. I, I was quite lucky in the sense that when I took the gamble, I also had regular work as well. I. I knew I could technically pay my bills, it just would fluctuate from, hmmm, can I just about pay my bills or can I have a bit of fun as well when I live a little bit more comfortably? (Yeah) So it was slightly easier for me in that sense but I didn’t have a Summer, last Summer, I was working so hard on doing training, building up my website, promoting myself and really setting up my business and it was a decision I made. You know, I worked long hours, I worked weekends and I didn’t see as much sunshine as I would like but that was a decision I made and I could do it with confidence to a certain extent because I was passionate about what I was doing. I was so excited to go, I have a business, (yes) I know what I’m offering is good so now I just need to set myself up and so I think, yeah, a key sort of lesson is put, put the work in. Don’t; don’t shy away from putting yourself out there and putting the time in to make sure that you’re going to get the results that you want.

KRZYS:                     Yeah! Even, you have in the begin, beginnings are always hard, you know, there’s a lot, a lot of things you need to start, get website, get this, get that, get clients and it’s just, it takes time to get good client base and you know, by even starting you know, you don’t have to drop everything and, and do it like what I did but you just even start it part-time. Just set up one day, that’s the one you’ll only do or set up, you know, half a day (brilliant) that you’re going to do all this work. Just make those decisions, make the schedule and make it work for yourself and towards, you know, towards and set the goals and make it happen.

SARAH:                     Yeah! Cause I think a lot of people you know well maybe have a full-time job and really want to, you know, get their massage practice going and how, how do you do that when you’ve got a full-time job and then you’re trying to see (Inaudible 29:19 – 29:20) and you’re trying to make it yourself and you’re exhausted cause you’re trying to do too much. And so I think it says a lot, don’t necessarily give up everything, unless you can, fantastic! You know, have a bit of financial security but make that time so you can put the energy and, and the key thing is the energy, isn’t it? You know if you work four days a week somewhere else and you’ve got a day, well if you don’t have clients, you still use that day to then put some social media posts out, put together an advert maybe, you know, get some flyers done and drop them around your local area. Whatever it is you need to do, but dedicate that time into promoting your business cause it won’t happen on its own.

KRZYS:                     Yeah, that’s really good advice! Thank you Sarah! So the next part is all about you. (Laughter) And here we have a moment when we promote our guest okay. We promote your book, courses, your practice, your websites, your, anything you would like to share. So we will give you a little bit of the freestyle time. Here you go!

SARAH:                     Do I, do I have to like burst into a rap? (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     Can you? How amazing!

SARAH:                     Laughter) If only I’d be so impressed, if only! (Inaudible 30:30) (Laughter) Okay! Well I guess the key thing I want to promote to people is in many ways not my service but just what I believe in. You know when I was first setting up my business, it was really important for me to think about why I am doing this and who am I doing it for? And I do aim my service at people that are small businesses, you know, the one man band, the person that’s just getting set up such as the Therapist and really trying to support you the best you can in setting up your business. So hence that could be building a website for you but really make sure I’m building a site that works for you, really shows you off as you, you know, rather than it being a bog spanded website that I create for anyone. And then making sure that you can take ownership over that site so that you don’t have to rely on me get moving forwards and the same goes with any extra support. You know, I do training in terms of Social Media, in terms of creativity you know, what tools are out there so that you can build, you know, nice posts, or posters or flyers or any of that. But again it always comes back to me giving you the tools so that you can do it yourself. I’m here to support if you need me but especially when you’re first getting started, you can’t afford to pay someone to build all this stuff for you cause that’s a huge expense. So hopefully that’s where I come in to just show you how you can do it and support you along the way so that you can build your business.

KRZYS:                     And that’s brilliant! Thank you so much because I think and even for me, it’s much better. I learn much better by someone showing me and by me do, doing it then actually, they do something for me and then hand it to me and then I was like “huh, what do I do now?” (That’s it) So that kind of support would you do and you provide that’s, I think that’s the way, you know, much better way.

SARAH:                     Great! Good! (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     So the next part we have is something we call, Tag a Guest game, so we’re asking a guest who they admire and who they would recommend for upcoming interviews with me. So who do you admire and why? And can you help us get the recommendation for upcoming interview with me here on Busy Hive?

SARAH:                     Sure! Well I guess there are a couple of people that I was going to recommend, admittedly, none of them are massage related but they are both within the Complimentary Health Industry that’s Jill Glover and John Witt. So Jill I currently work alongside at the Alma Vale Centre and I’ve been working with her for yeah, almost six years now. And it’s been a really interesting process with the Alma Vale Centre. There were four Directors to begin with, John being one of them as well and as time has gone, you know, people have moved on to different things or retired and she’s been left standing with this centre and it’s always been so enjoyable working alongside her and us sort of developing this centre which is now, you know, offers a range of different therapies but focus on women’s health and is very much about what she is sort of passionate about. And so I think she would be a great person for you to speak to actually about, you know, the development, she’s been an Acupuncturist for, God, I don’t know how many years but a long time now so she can go through that, you know, first getting started and hopefully getting up to whatever that big dream is which for her is now having a centre of her own. And then John Witt who I mentioned, yeah, again used to be a Director at the Alma Vale Centre, he’s now retired and he was a Psychotherapist but I love picking his brain and I still see him on a regular basis and again, you know and he, he loves to still support people in terms of what it’s like when you first get started you know and the work you have to put in, the time and, and how you build your business to what you want. So yeah, I admire them both for what they’ve achieved.

KRZYS:                     That’s so great, thank you very much! So thank you Sarah for joining us today. You gave us some great advice and inspiration. So let’s finish this show with the last piece of advice for Busy Hive listeners and we can say goodbye. If you had just one thing for our listeners to take out of this episode, what would it be?

SARAH:                     I guess in many ways it comes back to that quote which I couldn’t give you. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                     I think you have one now! (Laughter)

SARAH:                     But it also reflects what I’ve been saying about the work that I do and so, yeah, my biddest, biggest bit of advice is be true to yourself and build the business that you want to build that really does help show off your skills, your passion and who you are as a person.

KRZYS:                     Brilliant! Thank you! So how can we connect with you online?

SARAH:                     You can go to my website which is

KRZYS:                     So thank you Sarah. Thank you for joining me here at Busy Hive Podcast and if you our listeners are interested in learning a little bit more about Bristol Business Solutions, we can help you if you can go to our website, and we’ll have all the information in the show notes. Also we’ll add Sarah to our Resources Page under services. You can see her there already and check her out.

                                    So Sarah, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show today. Bye for now.

SARAH:                     Thank you. Bye, bye!





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