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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Savanna Bell from

BHP014 – My Massage World

Savanna Bell LMT after leaving massage school with an unsatisfactory educational experience, Savanna spent the next several years of her career studying and learning as much as possible; fine tuning her skills in every aspect, from hands on techniques to business know-how. She has since built a successful practice in Tennessee where she stays booked around a year in advance. After seeing other therapists struggling to overcome the same obstacles she faced early in her career, she decided to become an educator in the hopes of helping therapists skip the trial and error process of building a business. She now operates an online continuing education and resource centre for massage therapists called My Massage World.


Favourite Quote:

“Mistakes aren’t a necessary evil, they aren’t evil at all. They are, excuse me, they are an inevitable consequence of doing something new”

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KRZYS:                    So hello and welcome Savannah and thank you for joining me here at Busy Hive Podcast.

SAVANNA:           Thank you for having me, I’m loving it.

KRZYS:                    So here at Busy Hive we really like start every show with our guest favourite quote, it’s our way to start to get everyone motivated, excited for the rest of the show and find out a little bit about you. So can you tell us, what’s your favourite quote and why?

SAVANNA:             My favourite one is by Ed Catmull who is the president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animations Studio, so he kind of knows a thing or two about business and stuff. And his quote is; “Mistakes aren’t a necessary evil, they aren’t evil at all. They are, excuse me, they are an inevitable consequence of doing something new”. And so for me that is something that I, I hold every day and that mistakes are going to be made, there are always going to be made and it’s just a matter of learning them. If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying hard enough and I think that is essentially what I like to take away from that.

KRZYS:                    Thank you really for sharing that. So here at Busy Hive we’re really focusing on the beginning of the journey. So can you tell us, how did you get started and how did you get to the point, where are you today?

SAVANNA:            Well I got a massage that was kind of how I got started. I used to think, growing up in nobody I knew got massages, it was something that I hate to say this now; but something that spoiled rich people did. And so it was not on my radar at all and I finally took a little weekend getaway and saved up money to get a massage and spoil myself and about five minutes in and I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So that guy changed my life, really that Massage Therapist. So I would pick his brain the entire session and two weeks later I was enrolled in a massage school and that’s, that’s all she wrote and so it’s been a great journey.

KRZYS:                    It’s really amazing kind of similar because, I remember I had a few Therapist, I used to use to run a bit and run my first half marathon and to someone really give me really good advice and go book massage after, day after. And that was really, really, really the best advice and did the same. I went and it felt amazing and similar to you, I was like so where did you train?

SAVANNA:            Yeah!

KRZYS:                     So where is the school? (Yeah) It was quite very similar.

SAVANNA:            That’s fantastic!

KRZYS:                     So when you start, so as a new Therapist. What was one of your challenges and how did you overcome it?

SAVANNA:            Probably my biggest challenge was not feeling prepared for the career in the least when I left school. And I’m sure it’s a little different over in the U.K. But schools here tend to, say, let’s say all schools tend to be a little lacklustre in the education department. So I left school feeling totally unprepared for the reality of the career you know, how do I run a business, how do I get clients that sort of thing it was like here’s how you a massage and that’s it and you’re going make all kinds of money when you do it. So it was, it was definitely a trial and error game learning the ropes sort of thing so I overcame it by taking every class I could and watching videos. You Tube has been the best trainer for me other than C.E. classes so that’s really where I find two programmes, massage skills and business skills and everything else that it’s taken to get where I’m at now.

KRZYS:                     Thank you really for sharing that. So the next part is we’re going to choose the topic of conversation would really relate to work of our guest. So we going to just joined again today you know. Your school exactly, you know there was lots of obstacles how did you start it and you know there are things told you not so, so can you give us some of the idea of the obstacles. So you know well now took you to do way you know you teaching and sharing your experience.


SAVANNA:            Well it really, it was; when I left school, I literally there was zero business coverage whatsoever and I didn’t even realize that was necessary. I didn’t think that that was something I wanted to do, I just thought I’d go work for somebody and I do massages and I get a pay check and that was enough for me. And then I started working for people and thought I don’t want to do this. So it became a game of how much can I learn and how quickly can I learn it and that pushed me to the point where you know somebody told me I couldn’t do something because I had people say oh you can’t open a business that’s pointless, you know, especially in the town that you live and it’s you know nobody’s going to want massage here they’re all factory workers, who is going to come get a massage? So I proved them wrong and that’s essentially kind of what I wanted to do was prove everybody wrong, it wasn’t even so much a matter of my own success as it was like, don’t tell me I can do something because I will.

KRZYS:                     I will prove you.

SAVANNA:            Yes exactly, so I think for me, the biggest life lesson was, was kind of swallowing my pride and letting my ego go. There was a lot of things I didn’t know, there’s still a lot of things I don’t know ,and I’ve come to the conclusion that, I have to just accept it, you don’t know what you don’t know. And so learning from other people was one of the biggest helps for me and it really seeing that helped push me into, that’s what I want to do. I want to help other Therapist. Skipped all that trial and error game that I went through and, and hopefully get them on a path to success early in their career as opposed to years and years of it.

KRZYS:                     So I think the same, but you know into some of the schools in the UK. Just a little bit of a business so much and actually you know we Therapist, we actually coming up from the school and what we want to do just help people get better and but actually finding out there is you know, the business side of it you know actually, you know when there is this nice beautiful heart when you helping people you actually need to change and put it heart one of the business which we actually don’t want to put it but actually is very, very important and very quickly finding out and you very, very quickly get lost in this.

SAVANNA:            Yeah, I think a lot of people, you know you get into this career for you have the heart servant, you want to help people and do what’s best for them but there’s the reality of you still got bills to pay.

KRZYS:                     There are bills, yeah!

SAVANNAH:            And so yeah,(laughter)You know I can’t go to the electric company and say, “sorry I had a really special client this week and I just can’t pay you.” It doesn’t work that way so, so it’s a matter of combining the two and I think for me that’s it. As long as you find your passion and you put your passion into it, success will follow you still got to work on that success and don’t be afraid to talk about money and don’t be afraid to set high prices and you know those sorts of things because that is what is going to make you successful.

KRZYS:                     So what would you change in your education when you receive first, what would you change?

SAVANNA:            I would about triple the number of hours in our education. Right now in the U. S. pretty much minimum is a five hundred hour programme and that is less than as Aestheticians that is less than Cosmetologists, it’s pretty much the lowest on the totem pole of any licensed professional almost. So it’s frustrating because there is so much information to cover and having taught a full five hundred hour massage programme from an instructor’s perspective too there is just not enough time to cover it. And you’re trying to cram as much information into people’s heads as you can so they can pass a test and get a license versus actually making sure that they understand it and can grasp okay when a client comes in and they present with this pain how do I assess them to make sure that I know what’s going on and how I can best treat it. And then also, I’m sorry go ahead.

KRZYS:                     And you know because he feels really. You know you put a lot of money in this course and at the end you just feel okay, you know I know how to you know massage and touch people but you know actually, you know I paid a lot, I don’t know much.



SAVANNA:            Yeah, exactly! You leave school thinking well, I guess I should take some more classes because that was fun you know and that’s you know pretty much left with that and that’s frustrating is really frustrating. So I feel like if they would just expand the education I know that’s a big leap to like a fifteen hundred hour programme but I think that would help them encompass not only for understanding the musculature and the techniques and all the things that Massage Therapist needs to know but also the business aspect of, even if you don’t want to run a business, here’s what to look for as an employee for a quality business that you can work for. I mean to me that it’s people think oh, I don’t want to run my own business. Number one, ask yourself that again and in five years once you’ve been in the workforce because…

KRZYS:                     In two months.

SAVANNA:            Yeah, yeah and you know and secondly as if you want to stay an employee forever. I know people like that have no desire to ever own a business because it is stressful. I think it’s also important to understand the business aspect so that they know going into an interview or researching a company, don’t I really want to work here? Is this somewhere that I can thrive both my passion for the industry and to like actually pay bills and live the life that I want to. So I think, I think that a full programme you know, fifteen hundred hour programme or something like that would really, really help immensely.

KRZYS:                     So if it comes to the course and the school and well the college, the Muscle College what advice would you give to people who are looking you know what to study, what to look for?

SAVANNA:            Main thing, talk to graduates. I think you know a lot of people they go to school they talk to the administrators, they talk to the teachers maybe, those sorts of things, but talk to the graduates, talk to people who’ve actually gone through the programme. Both those that are fresh out of school and those who’ve been practicing for a while and see how prepared they feel because if they’re leaving school feeling unprepared then you probably don’t want to go there. Granted they might have limited options but, but you really want to look for the ones that, students are leaving feeling, if not a hundred percent for pay or at least really on the right track and they can always go back to school and say hey I’m having trouble with this and school help them; to me that super, super important.

KRZYS:                     That’s a really good, it doesn’t necessarily be ready on the right track, I really like that.

SAVANNA:            Right! And two I think, to also talk to different graduates from different types of practices. I think if you can get you know four, five graduates from the same school and ones working in a chiropractic office, and ones working at their own practice, and once an employee at some massage chain or something like that you can kind of look at okay, how prepared each one of these people feel depending on the path that they chose for their career. And you know a lot of the schools here, are starting to already to if not already have implemented this kind of policy where they’re just training Therapists to work at the massage chains to work at Massage Envy or Hand and Stone, or Hair something like that. So it’s, it’s frustrating because they’re only trying to do you know fifteen minutes massage pretty much and it’s very regimented it’s, it it’s you got five minutes between client and that’s it! It’s like okay, there’s way more to it than that and you know have, that is not a business model most people want to work at. So I think talking to the graduates and seeing how prepared they feel and how you know they feel overworked, they feel comfortable with where they’re at and things like that. I think that is that’s crucial for really seeing the true nature of the school versus kind of the facade that they put on when they do a commercial.

KRZYS:                     So if you’re happy please going to pick your brain a little bit more. So if what did you doing to beginning when you start your business but later on you stop because you realize it wasn’t worth it?

SAVANNA:            This is, this is a tough one. Trying to please everyone was probably the biggest mistake, I won’t say mistake but, but it was something that I started with in the beginning. Both trying to please every client that walked in my door you know, I thought I could help every single person that walked my door and later came to realize I can’t and I don’t need to. I just need to know other people to send it to if I can’t. So that was a big part and also trying to please everybody with my business model you know, things like that especially now that I do videos online. There is yeah, you open yourself up to a lot of things but when you put yourself out there and that’s fine and you just you have a thick skin and realize fine, I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. You know when I started teaching classes, I’ll tell people from the get go watch them my videos before you take a CE class with me because if you don’t like my teaching style, then you’re going to hate my classes because that’s that’s how I am and you know I know I’m not the perfect fit for everybody but I want to focus on the people who I can help the most and those are the people who I’m going to connect with and who would like my sort of style. So that’s what I go with.

KRZYS:                     Really good advice and the same with a massage you know not every client will like, you know that doesn’t mean you are wrong, good or a bad Therapist. Is just won’t like your touch and won’t like your style and you know that’s fine as well.

SAVANNA:            Absolutely, I think that’s something a lot especially newer Therapist struggle with. That it’s oh I need to you know if a client complains or says that it wasn’t the perfect massage oh! I am terrible Therapist. I need to go take a class or I need to do this and it’s like no you’re not. You know I’m ten years in and I have one client that you know not long ago left and I was serious and I don’t even know she enjoyed this. I have no clue like she just had this kind of blank expression. There was none of that massage look and I was like OK and then a few weeks later she called me and said it was the best thing ever and wanted to rebook but it was at the time, it was almost kind of soul crushing this well she really, really I don’t think she liked that at all. But it was just a different personality thankfully, but, but I think it was down to you know just being confident in yourself being comfortable with who you are what you do.

KRZYS:                     And you know what you finishing, finishing school you feel like a superhero’s and you just want to save everyone and everything and then…..

SAVANNA:            Yes! I can fix everyone’s pain. .

KRZYS:                     It is so amazing. So what’s your personal strengths that help you to go and get, well get going and how you know, your business and you practice?

SAVANNA:            I, I’m very type A person. I am driven, I am I’m very focused I’m, extremely independent. My family jokes about how independent I am to a fault and even my daughter is two and she is showing that trait. Lord help me. (Laughter) It is I do myself all the time that’s all I ever hear, so apparently that’s, that’s been my motto in my entire life. So extremely independent which has helped a lot in building my business but it’s kind of also it’s also, it’s also been a weakness as well because it’s too extreme where I’ve had to learn to delegate and to learn that you know. I can’t be so stubborn and so independent, that I don’t seek out help or I don’t you know learn from other people and I don’t learn from my mistakes and you know I can delegate and say “okay I can teach somebody else to do this little stuff that you know I don’t really need to spend my time doing and it will be handled okay and if not then I will teach them to do better or get body else to do it.

KRZYS:                     And that’s fine, yeah! I remember it was like in the beginning, like you especially when you employing people, or the sources exactly to teach them the way what they different and that’s the best part of it, and what’s in the best part of it, you can teach them your stuff and the way you want to do them in the end. So, so then you are satisfied.

SAVANNA:            Absolutely! Absolutely!

KRZYS:                     So now, now I want to talk about because I’m really amazed about one of your videos. Well I’ve been following you for a while because there is really lots of information stuff. And one of the videos about you know how to re-book clients and how to be booked in advance. We had chat previously and you know you, you are booked you know advance for, for a year in advance. So how, how you get about that?

SAVANNAH:            Kind of it was not a goal of mine.

KRZYS:                     How do you get?

SAVANNA:            It was not something that I was like I want to be booked in a year in advance. It was just, it just kind of happened honestly. And the biggest part to me was instilling the need for maintenance in my clients. People who came to me I would always, whether it was their first time or other you know twenty seventh time, I would tell them you need to keep this up, this is really you know, this is not something that you just do once a year as a treat. This is something that you know the more regularly you get it, the more you’re going to see a differences. And I think having clients come back again and again and always asking them okay, how do you feel after your last session? How do you feel now? You know a week or two weeks or months later. And they, they cognitively had to take the time to register the difference and how they feel right after the massage, the few days, after the week after, and then kind of like couple weeks later when they’re like oh, I’m start to get tense again I’m starting to really you know not feel like myself, so I need to go back and get another massage. So I think kind of making people have that conscious thought of that and always bringing it to their attention pretty much every time I see them made a big difference. And then implementing some kind of like scarcity, I would say tactic because that sounds awful but, but some sort of you know of scarcity and how you speak to your clients in the sense of saying, “You know this this Friday evening is a really popular spot and something that’s filling up really quick so if you want that spot if that’s something that’s going to you know work best for you then we need to go ahead and book at several sessions. So that I got on the books and you don’t lose it and then if you need to reschedule that’s fine.

KRZYS:                     Really good, really good points. First is education so you have to educate your clients. Why and what and give them actually you know so they know and give the benefits apart from being Therapist. We are educating people not about their health but actually about the benefits and the reason and the maintaining this. Another point is reviewing your work. (Yeah) I think is one of the one of the, really good points. Well I learned that’s exactly what’s helping in this and rebooking clients would find out lots a lot of Therapist don’t do. Actually, simple questions so you know how you did feel? Did that work, let’s have a free session now and then go on the third session we can review it.(Yeah) What’s working, what’s not, what’s improved?

SAVANNA:            I think in part that comes back to that ego and part of it ego and again part of it again wanting to help everybody. And that you’re so focused on what’s wrong with them that day that you forget to address, okay that’s very important and you want to address that but how does that relate to after their last session and then over the last you know week or two weeks or however long it’s been. What’s been kind of their pattern of how they felt in that whole time? Because like you said that kind of education and bringing them back to that is going to, to make them realize how important it is and this is something that they need to do want to do on a regular basis.

KRZYS:                     So, but exactly, you know you are quite confident and direct, I am, what what’s, what would be a tips for people who are just not confident?


SAVANNA:            Fake it! And I don’t really like that, make that fake it till you make it kind a thing. I was never a confident person. If you had asked me that question, you know even just five years ago I would be like, “I don’t know!” Cause I’m not, I’m one of those people I don’t, I don’t know but I think it, I got to the point where it’s just you’ve got to fake it and I watched a great talk by Amy Cuddy who says; “Fake it till you become it”. She’s one of the ladies behind a study about I don’t know if you’ve seen the power pose, a Wonder Woman power pose and how standing like that for two minutes will change the chemical balances of your brain. Yeah, exactly and, and, and make you more confident and it decreases your cortisol levels and increases, endorphin levels and testosterone. So to me, You all heard her talk things about physiology change in the brain whereas we always kind of think of the brain changing the physiology. And it’s like how do you stand and how you hold yourself can change how your brain processes things. And so it was it’s a matter of fake that confidence until your body literally changes your mind. And so that’s kind of what I had to do you know when I would go out approach a doctor about hey send your patients to me. And there was this, I would be in a car shaking before I went in but it was by God I’m going to fake it when I get in there and he’s going to think I’m fantastic and I would go in and act like everything that came out of my mouth was gold. Not to the point of being cocky or arrogant but in the point that you know you know (that you know what you’re talking about)   Exactly, I’m going to present this in a way that I know what I know.

KRZYS:                     Really, really amazing! Like I, for me always been because am originally from Poland and I came you know to the England. English wasn’t my first language and it was like oh my God, how would I do it, going to talk to the client? What do, would do I say? It was always practice, practice, have a teddy bears, mirrors, just literally just writing down some ideas and practice and practice and practice and you see what’s things work, what’s not and for the time you know, it just comes not naturally.

SAVANNA:            Yes, and I actually I’ve heard a talk one time about I mean I watch a lot of talks I read a lot of boring textbooks and things but, but it was about essentially talking to somebody like they’re your best friend whether you know them or not and that’s helped immensely in that you know when I do my videos now that’s essentially what I’m doing. I’m trying to talk to the camera like I’m talking to my best friend because that’s how people want to talk to number one; but it also puts me at ease in the confidence sense of like, I’m good you know. I’m talking to my best friends not just some, bookers or strangers on You Tube. So it, it makes it a little easier from the confidence standpoint but also in that I communicate so much better. When I speak like that and getting more comfortable on video has made me more comfortable and in pretty much every other aspect and of course that started in a classroom actually teaching, was talking to my students like that and that translated into video now that kind of translates into everything else.

KRZYS:                     So the question, the question in the way you talk to the clients to get them the booking. Can you give us some examples how you would do that?

SAVANNAH:            I strongly suggest things, I don’t tell them you know…

KRZYS:                     He, hello, hello Savannah, thank you for the treatment, (Laughter) what you do now?

SAVANNA:            What I typically say is something to the effect of. So seem to loosen up quite a bit today but see how you feel in a couple days but I do you want to go ahead and get you on the books if you want to go and set something up. That way you know I can make sure I get you in on a regular spot here and I don’t want you missing out because I’m starting to book up. Things like that where it’s just like hey I’m doing you a favour, comes off much, much better than kind of the hard sell of what time do you want to come next week sort of thing because from a consumer standpoint; I don’t like a hard sell if somebody automatically assumes that I want to rebook with them, it’s me immediately off putting to me and I know that’s not everybody some people like the hard sell, but to me that’s very off putting. So I like to kind of give them an out and make it a soft sell but still very strongly suggest that they come in again. So it is always something like you know, “hey if you want let’s go ahead and get on the books for you know at least next week and the next few weeks so that I can make sure you don’t lose your spot and if you need to reschedule just give me a call and we’ll move you around. And when you make it flexible like that and show them that you can move things around it’s okay if they cancel. If they need to it’s almost obviously if they follow your cancellation policy. But letting them know that they can cancel is something that I think makes people more comfortable to actually make an appointment.

KRZYS:                     Cause this is lots of Therapists exactly think they have to be sellers and they have to sell things and they, that’s why they didn’t do that because they struggling with this hard sale and I have to begin to know how to talk to Client. In the same with it’s all about the practice actually find your own words, just, just to sound, sound okay for yourself. (Exactly and it’s) And you know with your experience, you know you know how to tissue repairs, you know the conditions, you know what, know how does it feel, you would you know would they need to use that you experience in a sense. What do they need?

SAVANNA:            Ask exactly and I think too like focusing on you know like what they need like I said what they need and also what kind of reaction that you got while they were in the session and when they left. You know if you can kind of feed off their energy, if you can tell though they come out and said; how my God it was amazing. That sort of reaction it’s like oh great you know let’s, you kind of feed into that and, and you get that same sort of energy and mimic that sort of response. It feeds into that connection between you and that person and helps you so then kind of translate into okay, let’s go ahead and get you on the books and feel like that again at week. (Laughter) You know so I think it’s, it’s all about really getting that connection that relationship with people that’s a that’s a huge part of it.

KRZYS:                     So in a sense would you always ask clients or you tell them what they need to do?

SAVANNA:            Neither, I kind of like you know, I strongly encourage. You know some people will tell them; you need to come in and in two weeks schedule and I’ll get you done. And others are like well just call me when you want to rebook and I think it’s you got to get the middle ground of those two of okay, I’d love to see you in a week because I think you need it, I think your body would really could really use that. So do you want to make an appointment now or do you want to give me a call when you’ve got your schedule in front of you? Most people keep their schedule on their phone so it’s a matter of you know they just go and pull that out and it’s no big deal. So I think for the most part for me, I probably get ninety percent rate bookings when I have rephrased it like that. And the other ones that are saying oh well I’ve got to go check my schedule, okay that’s cool and some of those people call me and some of them don’t. I think we get into this mindset of if they don’t rebook they didn’t like it. And that’s not the case again I think you know just like we talk about confidence and things like that. I think it’s a matter of some people just get busy in their lives and they forget. So then you have to have the strategy of how do I reach out to these people who haven’t been in a while and get them to rebook. So it’s not just about right then and there are it’s also about okay some people get busy in their lives you’ve got to be able to go comfortable calling them, texting them, whatever or however you communicate with them and saying, “hey, I just want to let you know I’ve got some openings coming up, I’d love to get you in.

KRZYS:                     There’s, I don’t remember the way, but there was always, always saying to before the clients actually book with you and just rebook, (yes) they have to hear about you, see you and try you. And then you actually just take time to process that.

SAVANNA:            Absolutely, and I think especially people’s first visit in there much less likely to rebook and a lot of Therapists just don’t realize that because of that they needed time to process and realize okay how good they feel. That’s why I think that follow up email or call or text or whatever the next day or two days later is fantastic to remind them, “Hey! I’m the reason that you feel so good right now.” And it’s just a matter of reaching out again saying “hey, I really hope you enjoyed your session you know if you want to get in again give me a call and I will set you something up.”

KRZYS:                     Or something in a sense like I always do after different the first sessions. I don’t try to book them in for the next session, just so let’s think about maybe do let’s have a follow up in a couple of weeks.

SAVANNA:            Yeah! Exactly, something you know, something you mentioned that you want to stay top of mind for them.


KRZYS:                     It’s just, I don’t have you know, you don’t have to get into my show, I don’t have to help you. Let’s just check in. How you feeling? How, how that’s how the session feel, you know, how did you feel after the session?

SAVANNA:           Exactly, and part of that that definitely goes back to the relationship that you have because again, this isn’t just a consumer this isn’t somebody just coming in buy a product and leaving. We’re building a relationship with these people. I mean I think as Therapists we’re in this, we get massages on regular basis we you know I mean we, we rub on naked people. All day that’s our job, okay. So for us it’s no big deal but for our clients that’s very vulnerable space to be and we, we tend to forget that as a Therapist because it’s a body to us. We don’t think of it in that way, but for our clients it’s very vulnerable and I think you have to go back to making them comfortable and building that trust, trust is a huge, huge key to anybody success as a Therapist. So I think if you can build that trust and build that relationship by how you approach the massage obviously but also just help communicate with them both before, during and after and make it so that you’re showing them how much you care it’s not you’re not just another client you’re not just another check that I get. I want to make sure that you enjoyed this; I want to make sure that you’re still feeling good and what I can do to help you and still feeling good later on.

KRZYS:                     That’s really, really good advice which exactly is not that factor in next next, next, next. (Yeah) It’s just something more you know personal something more, more about them and from you.

SAVANNAH:                        Absolutely! Absolutely!

KRZYS:                                 Really thank you. Thank you for sharing your experience and your ideas about and about the rebooking clients. The next question, because lots of our listeners and subscribers are either just starting up or maybe they’ve been in the business for a while but they still struggling to build up their own businesses and practices. If you woke up tomorrow morning but you still possess all the experience and knowledge you currently have, but your business has completely disappeared forcing you to start from the scratch, what would you do?

SAVANNA:                        Well since I gone and got two businesses, I had approached them each differently. As far as my massage business, when you know, when I see clients. I would; if I if I knew everything I knew now and was completely starting over, I would start, I would take at least a week and I would just plan. (Laughter) I would plan, I would plan so much but I would start with a business plan and getting my branding in you know just, just right out get the website going, a Facebook page going and networking in my community then I could start actually building my clientele. Because I think having all of those things in place from the get go puts you so far ahead of anything else. But most Therapist kind of do these things as they go which is fun and there’s nothing wrong with that but if you can take the time to get that beforehand that’s, that’s going to set you up for so much success so much quicker. And then with you know my resource centre my communication business and my massage world. I would take six months and I would plan. So I have a lot more time planning and implementing everything on the back-end and they’re just a huge launch that would be much easier than, than what I do now. (Laughter)

KRZYS:                                 So thank you for sharing that. So the next part is kind of relating to exactly oh your ‘My Massage World’. So here in this part we’re going to give you a moment to promoting our guests, your courses, you book, your practice, anything that you would like; so we will give you a little bit, about free style time.

SAVANNA:                        Awesome! Well just to kind of tell everybody what I do, what we do as a company. I do, I offer both continued education and webinars and seminars. So I teach locally here in Tennessee and I also do online courses for people both you know who are all over the world. I’ve got people taking my classes in South Korea, France and England and Australia so it’s really fun to kind of hit that actual international level. So we do a lot of Webinars and on top of that, I also started doing Resource Centre because there are so many Therapists out there who just really need some help so we have you know, Massage Therapist directory, we have a membership service which we launched just a few months ago which is fantastic it’s, I’m a little biased obviously but it’s business membership so it’s ideal for business owners especially those who are just starting out. And we offer realistic stock photos so they, no more of those cheesy terrible stock photos with like candles next to somebody’s head and stones lined everywhere, (Laughter) flower petals and all that craziness. So they’re realistic there, I was there the photo shoots, we’ve you know tailored these so that they actually appear like a real massage but they’re still really pretty, they’re still professional and high resolutions so you can blow them up onto a billboard if you want to. So we’ve got those, we’ve got tons, hundreds of social media graphics that have been designed so that you can just go to is out on your Facebook page or Twitter page or whatever. There’s all kinds of links to share with clients so articles from all over the internet marking material and business form templates because that’s something that a lot of Therapist struggle with you know saying it’s an intake form.

KRZYS:                                 Your intake forms have massive downloads.

SAVANNA:                        Yes we had one hundred twenty, last I checked and it’s been a week or two ago it was one hundred twenty thousand downloads of our free forms which is amazing. Considering, I think it was like a year and a half ago I had five thousand and I was jumping up and down for that so to reach one hundred twenty it was just like wow! (Laughter) So we got all those we’ve got play lists, we’ve got I do newsletters that’s been out those to non-members, and members of our services things like that. So and I’ve got all kinds of things in the works so I’m really excited I think this is just going to keep growing and I do videos all the time, and once a week I try to put a video up on Face book and You Tube. So there, I hope that I’m helping people it seems like I am so that’s what I’m shooting for.

KRZYS:                                 Any sneak peek of what’s coming up?

SAVANNA:                        We actually are getting ready hopefully next couple weeks going to launch some branding bundles which is probably something that I am just, I’m geeking out over its really silly but I am. So I know a lot of people can’t afford to hire a graphic designer and it’s very expensive to go to some somebody’s professional and say “hey I need you to build me a brand, I need colour, and a logo and all the elements and you know the marking materials all the stuff to combine into this brand.” So we, I have a Graphic Designer who is incredible beyond belief and she has made several bundles that essentially compass a logo, patterns, colours you can tailor the colours if you wants, all of our marking materials, business card brochure, all of our business forms all of that stuff into these bundles and each one is branded completely and then she just goes in and she puts your name it into the logo, she puts all of your text into the marketing materials. Everything is customized for you but it isn’t a bundle sense so that it’s much, much cheaper. So it’s, we were still fine tuning the price but it’s going to be; it’s going to be, under six hundred dollars. And considering most graphic designers charge at least fifteen hundred for branding set, I think that’s, that’s a good point for Therapist to be on. So I’m super excited about that one.

KRZYS:                                 That’s a really, really good price and good luck with this. It is part of the membership or is it that will be separate buys, separate?

SAVANNA:                        It’s going to be separate. Members will get a special deal on it but it is separate so that all Therapists everywhere, whether they’re a member with us or not can, can get access to it. So it’s something that if you like you can get something customized but it’s, it’s in that bundle form so that we can do it for multiple Therapists and we can really cut costs down for you.

KRZYS:                                 Oh brilliant! Really, really amazing! (Thank you) So the next part is we have our game, we Tag a Guest. So we’re going to ask you, who do you admire and why and can you help us get their recommendation in their upcoming interview with me?

SAVANNA:                        Absolutely, I would love to recommend Rebecca Broomfield. She is she owns a wonderful successful spa in Louisiana and she is the owner of Bad Ass Body Workers and she does a fantastic job kind of curating all of the successful Massage Therapists and influencers and leaders in the industry. And I think should be great having a show and connect with all kind of other Therapist out there and she could give a lot of information for your, for your listeners.

KRZYS:                                 Great, this is great, really, really great and thank you for joining me here today. You gave us a really, really good advice and to inspiration so let’s finish the show the last piece of advice for Busy Hive listeners and let’s say goodbye. If you had just one thing to our listeners to take out of this episode what would it be?

SAVANNA:                        To keep learning, to keep working and keep growing because I think those are the three keys to really be successful in this career. It’s that you’ve got to keep learning everything you can, you’ve got to keep working at it because there is no to sit back and let it happen and you’ve got to keep growing, you’ve got to change, you got to learn from your own mistakes and from other people’s mistakes and keep changing as you go.

KRZYS:                                 Thank you. So how can we connect with you online?

SAVANNA:                        You can always find me at You can find us on Facebook,, YouTube same thing, so we’re pretty much everywhere and just send us a message any time and I am happy to respond.

KRZYS:                                 Thank you Savannah for joining me here are Busy Hive Podcast. And if you listeners are more interesting in the learning but more about the whole page and video and what Savannah has to offer in My Massage World, you got to put that in our show notes. Savannah it’s a pleasure to have you on the show today and hopefully we will chat very soon.

SAVANNA:                        Thank you very much for having me it’s been wonderful.

KRZYS:                                 Bye for now.

SAVANNA:                        Bye.






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