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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Tarryn 

BHP016 – What is a Tantric massage?

Tarryn has been a fully qualified Holistic Massage Therapist since 2008 and a trained Tantric Therapist since 2011. She is offering authentic tantric massages from her dedicated treatment room in Bristol. Tarryn offers her tantric sessions to males, females and couples of any background, age, sexual orientation, religion and experience.Through her own journey of self-discovery, she discovered the ancient art of Tantra and the wonderful combination of breathing, meditation & massage. She was immediately drawn to the deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation, heightened pleasure, the sexual healing and wholeness that Tantric Massage brings to the receiver. Tarryn is passionate about the work of Tantra. Her aim is to help clients awaken and find themselves through experiencing deep pleasure and relaxation. Tarryn is always aiming to refine her skills and she is soon adding Mindfulness Counselling and Sexological Bodywork, as well as some energy work, to her repertoire.



Favourite Quote:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

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Leonie Cole

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KRZYS:                     Welcome Tarryn and thank you for joining me here are Busy Hive Podcast.

TARRYN:                  It’s my pleasure.

KRZYS:                     So here a Busy Hive, we like to start every show with our guest favorite quote. It’s kind of our way to get everybody motivated and excited for the rest of the show. Can you tell us what your favorite quote and why?

TARRYN:                  My favorite quote is by Anne Heising and it goes like this, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

KRZYS:                     And how do you apply it to your everyday life and mentality?

TARRYN:                  Well what it basically means is that we all sometimes tight in a bud. We keep quiet, we stay stuck in a situation we’re not happy in, we don’t make that change because we’re scared. So this quote reminds me to be brave to move on or to speak out even if it’s difficult. I apply it to my life, well basically in the past, I’ve been telling people that I’m a regular Massage Therapist but I wasn’t happy about not telling the whole truth. I wanted to be authentic but I was scared about what people would think. So now that I know that I am being authentic about what I do and I feel so much better about it.

KRZYS:                     Great so in your mind can you show us you know when you start working as massage therapist, what was one of the challenges as a new therapist?


TARRYN:                  Well my biggest challenge was and still is probably to get certain clients to understand the Tantra’s not that the fancy massage with hand relieve but that it is a holistic therapy its own right.

KRZYS:                     How did you overcome it?

TARRYN:                  I’m just being as authentic as I can very clear in my ads on my website, I choose my wording carefully and I show my face on my website instead of sexy poses and lingerie. I also changed the advertising media from central massage directories to authentic Tantra directories.

KRZYS:                    Now let’s move on to the big part of our, of you know interview questions. So usually this part is we choosing a topic about conversation which really relate to your work so I want to talk to you about what is Tantric Massage and what are the benefits of Tantric Massage?

TARRYN:                  Okay, I think I have to start by explaining the difference between the Standard Sensual Massage and an Authentic Tantric Massage and there’s quite a fine line between the two and sometimes really confusing. So the standard Sensual Massage is focused on the physical and it is goal orientated. So the success of the massage relies on the client’s having an erection if it’s a mild and obvious eventually climax. An Authentic Tantric Massage is a more holistic approach and it goes way beyond just the physical. So it Tantric Massage focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health all at once. It focuses on all of your erogenous zones and not just your genitals. So the massage itself is done with a completely different energy and intention. It’s much more pampering and nurturing Tantra is also not goal orientated although it is sometimes a side effect. So ultimately a tantric massage helps to quiet the mind, reconnect with the sexual energy there is breathing techniques at can also include rituals, symbolizing connection, it can also include energy work. So each therapist works within their own boundaries and interpretation of Tantra.
The benefits of a tantric massage there’s quite a few: deep relaxation, experiencing intense pleasure, whole body arousal, ejaculation and control it improves libido, it releases endorphins in the brain. You learn to let go and liberate, it liberates your mind, increased body confidence, overcoming shyness, greater intimacy and relationships, it also helps to clear any sexual blockages and promotes sexual healing and wholeness.

KRZYS:                     So how people and all your friends react when you tell them what you do?

TARRYN:                  Well now that I’m being open about being a Tantric Therapist I find people are still slightly surprised but more accepting then I would have thought.

KRZYS:                    So what first drew you to tantric and to Tantra and become tantric massage Practitioner?

TARRYN:                  Well I was, when I discovered Tantra and read about it I was immediately drawn to the deep sense of well-being, relaxation, heightened pleasure, sexual healing and the wholeness that the Tantric Massage brings to the receiver. And I obviously have a natural tendency to want to help or heal.

KRZYS:                     What’s, what’s the definition of Tantra and explain to us?

TARRYN:                  It’s a Sanskrit word and that’s it relates to the concept of weaving and expansion. So Tantra invites us to not reject our body and its desires but actually embrace them on the road to enlightenment. So therefore we weave the strands of our basic nature into a unified whole.


KRZYS:                     With the work what you doing and Tantric Massage obviously you get to clients who are people who misunderstand would you do, so how do you handle that?

TARRYN:                  Well yeah they, they misunderstand all the time, unfortunately.

KRZYS:                     In the Massage Therapy you know, even just in a holistic stuff, Sports remedial, the people still get phone calls and text messages.

TARRYN:                  Yes they do! Unfortunately people are always looking for something more I just simply explain what Tantra is and what it’s not and if they are not willing to understand there’s not much more I can do

KRZYS:                     So you do Couple Massages as well?

TARRYN:                  Yes I do! So we massage him together, we message her together within their own personal boundaries regarding prostate, lingam and Yoni massage and obviously there’s no interaction with me.

KRZYS:                     So what’s Lingam and Yoni?

TARRYN:                  Lingam is male sexual organ; yoni is a female sexual organ, so it Sanskrit words for those terms.

KRZYS:                     So for all this Tantric Massage and, so have you changed people’s lives with Tantra?

TARRYN:                  Yes, yes I have definitely based on my clients feedback, I’ve helped clients be less anxious more relaxed, sleep better, be more confidence, confident and also love their bodies. I’ve also helped clients have better erections, ejaculation control, actually reach orgasm and experience whole body orgasms. I’ve also helped clients through emotional trauma, bereavement and connect better with their loved ones.

KRZYS:                     So can you give us any advice for the Massage Therapists out there who are interested in becoming Tantric Massage Practitioner? So what training do they have to do?

TARRYN:                  Well there is a lot of different trainings online. I would say just choose what resonates with you and your budget of course; (Of course) and your intention should be to be of service. That should be the main thing and you also have to fully understand the concept of Tantra and also embody the concept.

KRZYS:                     So this interview hopefully you know is reaching the great audience of Massage Therapists and of the body workers. Are there any stereotypes and myths you would like to break about you know, Tantric Massage?

TARRYN:                  Yeah, just, just basically that it’s not just a fancy massage, a posh massage and a hand relieve?

KRZYS:                     So can you give us advice for you know for all Massage Therapist and Body Workers, when they get the text messages or they’re going to say you know phone calls, are getting asked for an order you know, extras or hand relieves in the session, how would you advise them to deal with that?

TARRYN:                  I would think they first have to decide who are they going to be? What are they going to offer? Determine their own boundaries and then they just need to be clear about those boundaries because Massage Therapists, Tantric Therapists, they all work within their own boundaries and their own interpretation of Tantra, and I would say just be authentic and stick to that to be very clear about what you do and don’t do.

KRZYS:                     So next great question I have for you, because lots of our listeners are either just starting up or maybe they’ve been in their business for a while but they still struggling to build their you know, businesses and if you wake up tomorrow morning but you still possess all of the experience and knowledge you currently have by the business will completely disappear forcing you to start from the scratch, what would you do?

TARRYN:                  I would first of all look at my location which is quite important it needs to be accessible to clients, although mind you clients are also willing to drive a little further to see the therapist that they want to see. I’ll set up my dedicated Tantra Room, or I’ll rent space to work from and then I’ll either create a professional looking website or I’ll advertise on the Tantric directory.

KRZYS:                     So the next part we call it, you know, our Tag a Guest Game. So we’re going to ask you, “Who do you admire and why and can you help us get recommendation for the upcoming interview with me?

TARRYN:                 Yes this is a lady that has really helped me tremendously on my own journey. Her name is Leonie Cole and her website is So she does alternative healing, Reiki, intuitive sessions with her spirit guides, workshops, etcetera; she’s amazing.

KRZYS:                     Thank you very much! So this is all great and thank you very much for joining us today Tarryn. You gave us some really great advice and inspiration and knowledge about the Massage Therapy and Tantra. So let’s finish the show the last piece of advice for Busy Hive listeners and then we will say goodbye. If you had just one thing for our listeners to take out of this episode, what would it be?

TARRYN:                  I would say don’t be afraid to be authentic, just live your truth in all ways.

KRZYS:                     Perfect! So how can we connect with you online?

TARRYN:                  I have an email, Or from my website there is a contact page,

KRZYS:                     Thank you. For all of our listeners who want to learn a little bit more about Tantric, we’re going to put all the details of us on our website, and we will have all the information there on our show notes. So Tarryn, it’s a pleasure to meet you today and hopefully we’re going to chat soon.

TARRYN:                  Yeah, That’s great thank you.

KRZYS:                     Bye for now!

TARRYN:                  Bye, bye!

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