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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Jeppe Tengbjerg

BHP026  – World Massage Championship

Jeppe is a former professional football player in Denmark and in Holland. He has the highest Football Coach Education/diploma (UEFA-PRO License) and Coaching youth players in Denmark at the moment.

As a Massage therapist, he qualifies in massage and reflexology in 1998. Then proceed to learn Acupuncture in 2000. He opens a Massage Scool in 2001 and teaches since than. He teaches anatomy, physiology, massage and acupuncture, reflexology, psychology. In 2015 he started the first Masterclass in Massage in Denmark. And a year later he creates the first Danish Championship in Massage and starting making The International Massage Association. That how in 2017 he organise first World Championship in Massage.


Favourite Quote:

”Give a man a fish and he have a food for a day, teach a man how to fish and he have a food for rest of his life”

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