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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Vicky Marsh

BHP027  – Business and marketing advice for massage therapists.

Since qualifying in 2006 Vicki has run a busy sports massage practice. During this time she has worked at the highest level treating a range of athletes including Blue Boat Rowers, international athletes and Olympic medallists. With over 12 years experience, rowing is her speciality and she has treated and coached many Cambridge rowers included running the Strength & Conditioning programme for CUWBC. She also has extensive experience treating athletes from triathlon, distance running and athletics.

She also specialises in complex cases- these are typically those conditions where progress has been slow and often frustrating. Vicki has had first-hand experience of chronic pain and the myriad of associated problems. Her compassion for these challenges is a driving force behind her treatments and she will always go the extra mile. Vicky produces her own podcast – The Massage Therapists’ Business & Marketing Podcast.
A podcast for everything a massage therapist needs to run their business. She discusses topics like Facebook advertising, setting up your first clinic, online tools, when to hire, how to price your services & much, much more!


Favourite Quote:

There is always a solution. The problem is a lack of resorfurness.

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