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On this episode of The Truth about Massage Therapy Podcast, Krzys interview Rebecca Brumfield

BHP030  – Cupping therapy, side effects, benefits and types!

Rebecca Brumfield is the founder of Badass Bodyworkers and the soloprenuer owner of Vida Pura Spa in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been in the spa & wellness industry since 2008 and is a spa/massage marketing and success mindset coach for women who want to make a big impact in the industry.

Badass Bodyworkers is a soon-to-be-podcast and an exclusive all-female facebook group especially for passionate leaders in the wellness industry. Whether you are a newbie bodyworker or a seasoned veteran, Badass Bodyworkers will help you spark your marketing creativity, set personal and business boundaries, share resources, and encourage you to take big leaps outside of your comfort zone by helping you keep a positive mindset and self-worth.

Favourite Quote:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery and today is a gift! Thats why is called present.”

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