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Pain Posture Performance Course

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Quality over Quantity

The more people who like you the nicer a person you are?
Or the more people that like your business page the better therapist you are?
Is that right?

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Top Ten Tips for Aftercare

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of aftercare treatment to give to your client. Sometimes they don’t need stretches; they may just need some self-care. Here are my top 10 “go to” aftercare ideas

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Top 12 Questions Clients want to ask.

I have spoken to many clients about massage and how they pick certain places and what puts them off. Unfortunately many are put off as they are too scared to ask a few questions. I have compiled a list below and I intend to add them to my website so any potential clients don’t have to be brave and ask.

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My Top Ten Blogs Ideas

Many massage therapist have their own website which took them ages to set up and then it gets forgotten about, I am guilty of this myself. Here are my Top Ten Ideas for blogs.

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Who knows what is in your future?

There are lots of posts on social media groups about getting more clients and setting up in new spaces or making yourself more attractive to clients.
This is great and making a good business plan makes sense.
BUT – how far into the future are you looking?

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Free Massage Anyone?

Who doesn’t want a free massage would be a better question? I would normally think, but something has made me question this?

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Meet Sinead

Meet Sinead

Sinead is a qualified Remedial and Holistic Massage who likes to bring a smile to every client! Her combined business experience and organisation has given her the key skills needed to establish a busy massage practice- business. She’s also secretly Wonderwoman (Shhh).

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