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Sins of a Massage Therapist

During my training we were told all massage is good and even a bad massage is nice – its lovely to have touch but sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan.

I have had a lot of massages before deciding to become a therapist and then through my training. It has made me very fussy about who I see for a massage. There have been some awful experiences.

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Setting up my new clinic

I decided to take the leap, to totally disrupt my family life and put an extension on to the house in order to make space for a clinic!

Scary time!!

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My festival experience as a massage therapist.

What a weekend!! I had always wanted to massage at a festival and I think I picked the best to be my first one.

Led by the amazing Lydia Spry the therapists were so well looked after. A few of us brought our massage couches to use but other than that the only thing we had to bring was our skills and enthusiasm.

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What should a massage therapist wear?

This is something that many of you may not have thought about and some may work in an environment where uniform is supplied. There is no wrong outfit for massage but it might be nice to have a few things to consider when deciding what to wear.

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My Day at a Jane Johnson Workshop

Today I had the amazing experience of a Jane Johnson workshop. I had previously met Jane at the MTI conference earlier in the year and picked up some valuable techniques to release the neck that I often use with my clients.

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From an anxious mind to massage therapist.

Anxiety ….. Scary word! I’m sure we have all heard how massage can benefit someone suffering from anxiety, but I never realised how training in massage could help me with my anxiety!

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Find your massage style.

You become qualified in massage therapy where to go next?
It is worth doing some research and having a look at few styles before you decide what path you want to go down, even if you don’t feel specialising is for you, its worth seeing what styles are out there, you might end up finding a new passion or falling in love with a new technique.

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Top tips to look after your thumbs

We all do it, by being so focused on the client and trying to give them the best treatment you can give we forget about ourselves!

These top tips will help to give your thumbs a break and hopefully save them before they start screaming at you to stop!

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7 Top tips for self-care

As massage therapists, it is built into us to care for our clients. Sometimes this can come at our own expense.

If you don’t look after yourself physically and emotionally you will end up becoming run down or ill. This will have a knock-on effect on your clients.

Here are some tips to make sure you look after yourself too

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What am I worth?

I have had a few therapists asking me how to justify what they charge? Are they worth the amount they charge – simple answer – YES you are! But that would prove for a very short blog so here is the longer version….

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Meet Sinead

Meet Sinead

Sinead is a qualified Remedial and Holistic Massage who likes to bring a smile to every client! Her combined business experience and organisation has given her the key skills needed to establish a busy massage practice- business. She’s also secretly Wonderwoman (Shhh).

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