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Many of us are placed in venerable situations with massage therapy and such is the nature of the job. Mostly we find ourselves alone in a room with just our client, there has to be a trust and belief that you are both working towards the same goal. Unfortunately there are people looking for more than a massage and so we could be placed in potentially a dangerous situation. This blog is aimed to avoiding any of us getting into that situation. Follow these simple tips to stay safe and get the clients you want.

  1. Bee clear from the start; contact your client before you meet for the first time. Make sure when they book that you get their phone number. This way you can speak to them before you meet to ask questions – what are they hoping to achieve from the massage? A simple question like that can give you a lot of information. Tell them about your style of massage and explain underwear is left on and client is fully draped. – If they are looking for more they will test the waters to see what your reaction is so be professional. If you sense they are wanting more don’t be afraid to let them know your massages are not of a sexual nature.
  2. Bee wise about advertising – Consider your wording when advertising, make sure it is clear and not open to misinterpretation.  Mention qualifications and use pictures that demonstrate your worth. Get someone to check any advertising before posting.
  3. Meeting clients – again be professional, not over friendly. Give them paperwork to fill out, even if it’s a simple form with details for your records, it gives the feel of a professional clinic setting.
  4. Terms and conditions – You could have these in print or on your website that you could direct your client to. They would include policy’s on everything from cancelation and lateness to what is contra indicated. Within the terms there would need to be section to explain that the massages provided are non sexual. If you want help ask us at BusyHive.
  5. Agreement form – This is similar to Terms and conditions but more concise and possibly more likely to be read. If you are feeling concerned its not a bad idea. It could be on your website or on the form they fill in on arrival. The client would need to sign to agree and you would sign too. It just needs to be something simple to explain what is expected from you and what you expect from the client. If you want help with a form ask BusyHive.
  6. Signals – look out for tell tale signals, this could be verbal or physical. Client may try to test the waters and may say something suggestive or reach towards you during a massage. It is best to be firm and polite and let them know that this is not the type of massage you offer and it is unacceptable behaviour from them. Ask if they want to continue on that understanding. – Chances are they will be embarrassed too. Remember you are in control and if worried you are able to leave the room!
  7. Practice good draping. Some therapists prefer to use towels and some prefer sheets. There is no right or wrong but whichever you prefer make sure you are well practiced in keeping your client covered other than the area you are working on. This also makes client feel safe.
  8. Remember Some people get aroused. We need to be aware that sometimes when people relax they can become aroused – this does not mean they want sex! – If you have a client that has become aroused please do not worry. They are probably very embarrassed about it and you need to know it’s completely natural. As long as they aren’t asking for anything it’s best to ignore it and carry on with the massage.
  9. Keep control – although we meet our clients 50/50 ultimately we are in control of the situation so remember that!


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