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BusyHive Update – Christmas

Christmas is on its way – Sorry I know its not yet December but we need to be organised.

Krzys and I have been very busy keeping the site updated and working on what’s to come, we have big plans and it takes a lot of work behind the scenes.

It was self-care week last week and with this in mind we decided to take some of that advice and look after ourselves a little too.

BusyHive was launched in May and we have worked hard to give you fresh information with

Monday Podcast

Tuesday Top Tip

Friday Meme and

Sunday Blog

We have been so pleased with the success of BusyHive so far with lots of followers on social media, but as Christmas approaches and we are very busy and feeling a little tired so we have decided to take a little time out.

What does this mean?

My last Blog will be next week Sunday 2nd Dec but will return as normal from Sunday 7th Jan 2018.

Krzys last podcast will be Monday 4th December but will return as normal from Monday 8th Jan 2018.

Social media will still carry on with a Tip every Tuesday and Meme every Friday and we will put in a throw back Thursday with highlights from the year so far.

With this said we don’t want you to think we have abandoned you. We are still keeping an eye on the website and will add to social media if we see anything extra you may enjoy and will still be around to answer emails and messages.

BusyHive makes us so happy and your responses and questions make it all feel worth while so thank you to anyone who has commented, messaged shared or liked our content.

In the New Year we will be getting ready to launch the next part to our website. A classified page! This will make it easier for any purchases you may be looking at making. The aim of BusyHive is to offer everything a massage therapist will need in one place.

Adding the classified page will give therapists a place to sell and buy items and also for business to advertise what they have to offer you too!

There will be an option to advertise for a massage swap as well!

You will be able to log on and advertise your goods you no longer want or if you’re a company set up a page to promote yourself.

It is very exciting and you will get more information in the New Year!

The new pages will launch in March!

I can’t express to you enough how much it means when you get in contact so if you have any ideas on what you would like to see on a blog, or podcast, or if you have a gadget you love or particular oil and feel the rest of the community should know about then please let us know. We can spread the word so we can all benefit or learn from any issues you may have had.

We are off to concentrate on getting organised for the Christmas season with our families but remember we are still here for you, we just want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a lovely time and send lots of love and laughter your way. Stay safe and keep massaging. xx

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