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Jane Johnson workshop – Tips and Tricks for the upper back.

Today I had the amazing experience of a Jane Johnson workshop. I had previously met Jane at the MTI conference earlier in the year and picked up some valuable techniques to release the neck that I often use with my clients.

I also have a few of Jane’s books and love how straightforward they are, they were a great tool while I was studying and I still refer to them now.

I noticed on Facebook that Jane had a workshop on the thoracic spine and I jumped at the chance of another workshop with her.

One thing you should know about Jane – she is a very nice person, that’s how she describes herself! And it’s so true.

She is so supportive and inspirational. She makes her workshops chilled and explains in the beginning that she will treat everyone as thought they no nothing and that way no one feels awkward about how far their knowledge goes. It was refreshing to not have to compare qualifications around the room as it didn’t matter we were all equal as far as she was concerned.

We spent the morning learning techniques to measure the active range of movements of the thoracic, it’s a tricky area but Jane had lots of ideas and tips to make it easier.

We found a partner and ran through the measurements of the movements and Jane helped as we went.

The day flew by so quickly with learning tips and tricks and Jane’s stories made the day so much fun. I could listen to her for ages. She has a great outlook on life!

Everyone who attended the course was friendly and welcoming, we had a lovely chat over lunch. We all had a different story to tell. I love to hear other therapists thoughts on massage therapy – everyone has a different view and area they enjoy to specialise in. Its amazing how many of us have completed the same course and then gone in different directions. Some I hadn’t thought of before. It just shows how many different massages you can experience.

After lunch we got down to treatments, getting back on the couch and receiving a treatment made me realise how I need to book in soon for a swap – life has been busy and I’ve neglected myself a bit.

The treatments were simple but so effective and a welcoming touch to receive. I could feel a difference as soon as i got off the couch.

As we were nearing the end of the day we went through some stretches to offer our clients for home care and then back to remeasure and to compare to this mornings results.

It was amazing to see how much our thorax mobility had improved. We had done short treatments on each other and some stretching and made a marked improvement. I am so excited to try this with my clients and be able to show them what a difference it can make.

As a thank you to Jane for her support and involvement in the podcast I presented her with a BusyHive mug – I hope she likes it and thinks of us when she has her morning coffee.

So now I am starting my journey back home on the train, I feel inspired and excited to use the tips on my clients. I felt i had to share with you all what an enjoyable day I have had, learning lots and meeting some new friends. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

Jane’s has released many books and I highly suggest if you haven’t already got one to take a look and invest in one (or more). In the workshop she gave us all a handout which was pages from her new book: The Big Back Book. Its set out so well with lots of diagrams and pictures to help describe the methods for working with the back – looks like I know what my next investment will be. 🙂

Or book onto a course that she runs – I can’t wait to book my next one, I’m just worried now if you all book there will be no space for me.

If you haven’t done so already have a listen to her podcast here where she speaks to Krzys about physiotherapy and tells her story of how she got to where she is now, it’s a great interview.

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