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Find your massage style

You have become qualified in massage therapy, where to go next?

Before I start giving you a few ideas about specialising in a certain area I want to point out – YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Lots of therapists don’t specialise and have a wide client base and that is their style and that is great.

It is worth doing some research and having a look at few styles before you decide what path you want to go down, even if you don’t feel specialising is for you, its worth seeing what styles are out there, you might end up finding a new passion or falling in love with a new technique.

It can also be great for advertising, if your business has a niche in the market, it will help you to get that certain type of client you want to work with but if you don’t want to specialise then equally there is no need.

If you do decide to specialise here are a few ideas to think about, remember the list is extensive so I have just brought you a few of my personal favourites. I love learning so have done a couple of these courses and the others are on my ‘to do’ list for the future.


Sports and Remedial massage

This isn’t just for sports people, but anyone who is recovering from injury or has aches. It teaches you to look at client posture and assess areas that may need attention in order to relieve pains the clients are experiencing. It will help you to address musculoskeletal problems with a deeper understanding of how your client’s body moves. The course will also introduce you to advanced techniques such as NMT (Nero Muscular Therapy) MET (Muscle Energy Techniques) STR (Soft Tissue Release).

You can listen to BH podcast here with Adam Carter to hear more.

Myofascial release.

This is an amazing technique and is on my ‘to do’ list. Fascia covers everything in the body, and it connects everything throughout the body. If an area is in pain the problem can be coming from a different part of the body. Learning more about how fascia works and to be able to deal with it I’m more detail can be really beneficial to clients with chronic pain.

Listen to Ruth Duncan talk about this on our BH podcast here.

Pregnancy massage

Lots of women suffer during pregnancy from back problems and calf cramps to overall body tiredness. This is a lovely area to specialise in as you are not just treating one client but also have to remember there is a baby to consider too. A beautiful way to help mother and baby relax.

You can listen to our BH podcast here with Suzanne Yates for more details and inspiration.

Thai massage

This is traditionally carried out on a mat on the floor (futon) and through clothes. It is a series of stretches and trigger points and works on the whole body. It is great for areas of tight joints and get them moving again. Some people refer to this as yoga for lazy people.

Listen here to Barbara Wall talking about Thai massage in our podcast.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to try an area of specialising in, I haven’t even begun to think about energy work, or massage for conditions like cancer or HIV, there are so many more.

We will be bringing you more ideas on future podcasts that will include a wide variation from aromatherapy to tantric massage and much more.

If there is anything you would like help or advice on don’t forget we are here to help anyway we can, if we don’t have the answers we will find them for you.

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Have fun finding your massage style and don’t forget to share the love and let other therapist know.

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