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Free Massage Anyone?

Who doesn’t want a free massage would be a better question? I would normally think, but something has made me question this?

Back when I was in college, part of our course was to run a student clinic where we could practice on members of the public. This was a great idea as it gave us the feeling of treating real people in a clinic environment, but with the benefit of having the tutors on tap if we needed them. Our clients knew the situation and therefore got a massage at a reduced fee. Everybody wins!

I always found it strange that even in that situation some people wouldn’t turn up, I guess they felt it wasn’t as important to be there and not too expensive so not too much money to waste? Maybe they feel that ‘you get what you pay for’, therefore this won’t be that good? I’m not sure as I am the type of person who would show up!

Perhaps they didn’t realise that in order for us to be part of the clinic we would be at a stage of the course where we were able to treat and this was more about confidence and experience, therefore they would be getting a good quality massage at a fraction of the price.

Looking through Facebook I saw on a few massage groups, a plea for bodies for a student clinic. I quickly checked my diary and sent a message to sign up.

I was very excited – I was in need of a massage and this was from the college I studied at so trust it to be good quality and at a reduced fee! Only problem I had was what area I wanted worked on. Legs were tight but so were my shoulders…

Nearer the day I had a message asking me to confirm my appointment and to ask if I would like two massages for the price of one!! – I didn’t need to think – YES!!

It appeared that even though I replied quickly to make sure I got a space I didn’t need to as there was a low take up on it.

It made me wonder why?

What is stopping people jumping at the chance? Is it too cheap – clients thinking they get what they pay for? Or the fact that its students?

Crazy as the two massage I received were brilliant!– one on shoulders and back and the other was legs. I felt fantastic! Bonus for me as I got everything massaged that needed it.

We have all been students and understand how important it is to get practice, it made me make a big effort to keep an eye out and attend more student clinics.

Why don’t other past students?

Later on in the week another advert was placed for the sports and remedial practical exam. I called and made sure I booked in.

This for me was even more important – if they don’t have the bodies they can’t have the exam! It is much nicer to massage a stranger in an exam situation than someone you know…. like the tutor!

The day of the exam was perfect timing for me – I had overdone it in the gym and my back was so tight I couldn’t touch my toes – well to be honest I couldn’t even touch my knees!

I really felt for the student, going into the room I could feel the nerves and she was trying to ignore the examiner but its hard when anyone is watching over you to relax. It reminded me of my exam, so I did my best to be lighthearted and relaxed. The treatment and massage was amazing and she helped my back considerably and loosened it to almost being able to touch my toes!

Of course she passed!

On the massage forums the main question I see is

How to promote ourselves?

How to get clients in the door?

We have lots of ideas but one that many people think of first is reduce the price! I have spoken before about being worth more and to make sure you value yourself. The question that spins in my head is that so many of us our quick to reduce our prices  but not willing to receive a free or reduced cost massage? Maybe its different in your area? Let us know – have you been to a student clinic and if so would you go back?


Personally I am going to keep an eye out of student clinics more often and help give back to others going through what I already have.

Why not do the same – check out your college or get in touch with a local one and put your name down for it.

Nothing to loose and relaxation to gain!

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