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Goodbye 2018


Wow! Another year is coming to an end – and what a year it has been!

It’s at this time of year everyone looks back on the past year and reflects on all the things that have happened in the year and how their journey has progressed and we are just the same.

BusyHive has really developed over this year and we could not be happier with how it has gone and its all thanks to you guys for sticking with us.

It hard to remember everything that’s happened this year as it has been a very busy one. I think for me launching the YouTube channel was one of the highlights that has made us laugh the most. At times it tested our friendship but has brought lots and lots of laughs!

My favourite video to make has got to be How NOT to finish a massage session! it was so much fun and has been our highest watched video so Thank you guys – remember Hydration is important!

Having products and courses to review has been amazing and doing this on video hopefully you guys have found entertaining. We love making the videos and Krzys puts lots of time into editing them to produce better and better video’s each time. We are still learning lots and glad that you guys are still watching to make it all worthwhile doing.

When we look back at our first videos it makes us cringe and really shows how far we have come on (Thank goodness).

We have enjoyed courses and developing our skills, constantly learning not only to improve our computer skills but massage skills too. So many experiences this year it’s been hard to keep track.

The MTI conference back in April for me was a moment of realization of how far we have come. We generally try to promote BusyHive when we are meeting new therapists but this was the first time we had therapists approach us and offer feedback and encouragement! It felt amazing that we were starting to get noticed and for that we are truly grateful.


In March we celebrated our 1st Birthday! This was slightly premature as our birthday is actually in May! Hahahaha Our original date to launch was March but when the site changed and developed we had to put it back to make sure it was ready. We will get it right for our 2nd Birthday and celebrate on the right day.

2018 has been epic! So many high points I can’t mention them all. Instead lets focusing towards 2019 and what excitement it will hold.

Hopefully lots more products, oils and books for us to review and give away as well as reviews on schools and colleges to study massage. If you have a great school that you studied at make sure they get in contact with us so they can be involved!


In January keep your eyes on social media as we have LOTS to give away planned and you will not want to miss out.

Our aim is to become the Ultimate place for massage Therapists offering everything a therapist could need on their journey from the moment they think about becoming a therapist to the moment they deice to retire. We want to introduce new ideas and products to everyone, things that you may not have thought about and areas of massage you may like to try.

We also hope to bring out some BusyHive merchandise…

So guys make sure you stay tuned to our social media so you don’t miss out.

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? If not why not – check it out here and subscribe.

Make sure you don’t keep it to yourself and spread the BusyHive love to everyone else, invite fellow therapists to follow us and subscribe too and help us to reach more people.

With all this extra work we are looking for fellow therapists who may be will ing to volunteer their time to help us. Do you have a skill that BusyHive may find useful? Get in touch and let us know, we would love to get more people involved.

As always we love receiving feedback so keep in touch either email hello@busyhive.co.uk which Krzys or I will reply to or get in contact over our social media links.

If you have any products / oils/ books or courses or use any that you feel need more promotion let us know so we can let others know too.

As you look forward to 2019 and whatever life may hold for you remember to plan and have something to focus on, doesn’t have to be a big thing but set a goal for yourself and make a vision board to keep you focused on it. Perhaps you could make a jar to place good things in that happen to you throughout 2019 so in moments of feeling low you have something to help you refocus on the positives.

For now we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year and look forward to all the give aways in January!

Love and laughter to you all.


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