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A Guide to Gift Vouchers

The build up to Christmas is here and no better time to start promoting gift vouchers for clients to give to their loved ones.

I’m sure you all know how to put a vouchers together and to make sure you include contact details and a little about your massage style perhaps but here are a few more things to be aware of when making vouchers.

Presentation – Remember they are a gift, spend a bit of time to make them look attractive – you could use a printer or alternatively print something off yourself but make sure they look nice. A good voucher will encourage more to be sold – I know it sounds crazy but receiving a plain while envelope with a printed voucher doesn’t have the same appeal as a good quality envelope with a ribbon tied around it or maybe something printed on it. Making a little effort to presentation can mean a lot.

Number the vouchers – make a log of the numbers and whom they were sold to and whom they were for. It will help to make sure the same voucher is not used twice and also as a reminder on who didn’t redeem them.

Budget – You will be receiving money before doing the work – in theory around this time of year you could end up receiving payment in Nov/Dec and redeeming all voucher massages in January! If you don’t budget January could be very busy with little income.

Expire date – This will encourage the receiver to book by a certain date but also helps you with budgeting. You can choose a time scale but I would say 6 months would be the longest. Remember to leave a space to write the date on when sold unless you are printing them as you sell them.

Promotion – you spend time getting the vouchers right so make sure you sell as many as possible. Put a notice in your clinic or waiting area, tell you clients when you see them..”my new gift vouchers have arrived for Christmas, want to see?” it gives you the opportunity to show and promote them without client feeling obligated to buy any. You could also suggest to clients that maybe their friends or family could buy a voucher for them.

Mention on your blog, website and social media you have vouchers and have a nice picture of them to encourage people to buy. A good idea is to alter the times of day you post on social media – mix it up a bit, try different days and times to make sure you get as much coverage as possible. Some people only look at last few posts so it might get missed.

Associations – are you connected to a local business? I am with a local PT and we put work each others way. I will be leaving some of my vouchers with him so if anyone wants to buy them it gives another place to purchase from and might be more convenient for potential clients. In return I will be offering a deal on massage for him depending on how many are sold. You could use this idea at any local business though – try hairdressers, coffee shop or gyms – remember to think about what client you are trying to attract and where they might go. Some may not want to sell on your behalf but be happy to put up a poster or advert for you.

Offers – I had a few ideas about offers – if you really want to sell as many as possible then maybe use this as a good time to do that. You could offer bulk buy ideas such as buy 5 get 6th free. This is great for clients to get presents for people. Or you could arrange a plan with regular clients that they can take vouchers and you bill when they are used. That way clients doesn’t have to fork out for vouchers ahead of them being used and if they don’t get used they haven’t wasted money. Remember to still number and date them. Make client aware of numbering system so you can let them know which number was used when billing and also they will expire within 6 months. (They can always return the unused ones)

If the offer doesn’t seem to be working put it down to experience and try again at the next holiday – New Year sale, Valentines or Mothers/Fathers day etc… Stick to a time frame for the offer.


Business gifts – Local offices/gyms etc often get their staff or customers Christmas gifts. Why not contact them and promote your business. Offering them a bulk buy discount of some sort maybe enough to get them to buy lots and give out as gifts. Make them aware of health in the work place and how massage is great for reduction in stress and aid with posture and your on to a winer. Again remember what client you are looking for and target that market.

Distribute – there are many ways to sell the vouchers – I prefer to have a nice voucher to hand to the client but you can set up a system online – either through website or email the voucher – this is great when someone is looking last minute for a present and can get immediate results.

Marketing – When you see someone for first time – take time to ask them about how they feel in their body – where are tight areas or areas of pain. After the massage return their mind to the areas and ask how it feels now – make them aware of the difference and let them know they can benefit more from regular massages

Make sure you get their details so if they don’t re book at the end of the massage you can send them a friendly text or email or even call to see how they felt and if they enjoyed the massage and let them know you are there if needed. Don’t be too pushy though – you don’t want to be known as the person who gives a great massage but then cant get rid of.


Things to think about – Gift vouchers are like cash – treat them that way.

Think about keeping money received in separate account until voucher is redeemed.

Will you offer refunds if voucher isn’t used? Maybe offer it back to your client if it hasn’t been redeemed?

If you are outside the UK check laws for your area – some require expiry dates of vouchers to be 2 years and some require you to refund a voucher of it is not redeemed.

If you have tried vouchers before and it hasn’t worked don’t give up. Promotion is key to success. Advertising on social media and spreading the word through your clients is great but don’t forget to be proactive in your approach to local business. A lot of places will take a poster to put up in their staff areas at no cost to you.

Good luck and if you want any further help let us know.

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