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Having a bad day….?


I don’t know about you but sometimes I question myself.

Am I doing the right thing?

Are my clients happy?

Was that last session ok – my client was quiet..?

At times a client doesn’t rebook and I know I shouldn’t take this personally – it could be because money is tight for the client or sometimes they just don’t feel the need it right now.

But I cant help but feel maybe its something I’ve done.

Did I hurt them?

Would they tell me if I had?

Was the session not good?…

I am better at not letting my mind run away with me and I have had enough clients return after a gap that reassures me I must be doing something right and occasionally I get referrals from an old clients which also makes me feel better.


By talking to lots of massage therapists I realised a lot of my feelings I experience are widely felt through the massage world so felt it would be good to talk about.

With this in mind I wondered what would be a good idea to get around the problem and how best to reassure myself that I am doing well.

I have tried to encourage my clients to write reviews on my website or social media but it doesn’t always happen – I am terrible at doing this myself so don’t take it personally. People always have something better or more pressing to do.

What I have started to do though is creating a feel good jar. I got the idea from someone else who suffers from anxiety and depression. What she does is every time something nice happens she writes it down and places it in a jar. When she feels low she goes to the jar and picks a note to bring back a happy memory to brighten her day.

My idea was to write every time I get good feedback. This could be a coment from a client when they get up from the couch _

“wow my head feels so light, my neck is moving so much better…”

Or if I get a text I write that down.

Even when someone contacts me and says that I have been recommended by someone again I write this down. The client must have thought I was good to recommend me.

All my notes have name and date and sometimes a comment from me to remind me of the good feeling at the time.

Then if I do have times of doubt or worry I dip into the jar.

To be honest – just looking at the jar and how it is filling is enough to reassure me that I am doing ok.

It is important to have reassurance and being a massage therapist most of us only have ourselves to reply on for this.

Clients come and go and that’s fine as our style is not a one size fits all, everyone is different and so are our therapies so its ok if a client only comes to us once, that’s not a reflection of us.

So ask for feedback and when you get something that makes you smile make a note – take a photo or write it down.

Doesn’t have to be like me with a jar – it could be in a diary or journal or on your phone but it is important to record it and save that good feeling for when its needed to lift you up again.

If you have any other suggestions on keeping your head up during times of doubt then share and let others know your tips.

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