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Increasing prices

When is a good time and How to break it to your clients.

We all need to increase our prices at some point. Everything goes up in price and in order to keep making a profit our treatments need to increase in price too. As I have said before in my previous blog – What am I worth, you need to charge a rate that will make it worth while working. So don’t feel bad and don’t feel you need to explain yourself to anyone

When is a good time?

Prices shouldn’t be increased too often – think about revising your prices at least every three years – revising doesn’t necessarily mean an increase, research local similar therapists and evaluate your costs and profits.

Timing is key – don’t just up your prices when you feel the need, make sure you have enough clients so that if a few do decide the increase is too much you won’t be left without clients. It is not a good idea to increase prices if your clinic is quiet.

Qualifications – It’s a nice idea to tie it in with a recent upgrade in your qualifications. Notifying clients you have done a recent CPD course or workshop and including the price increase for treatment makes them realise that they are getting more for their money and will value you more also.

Fix a date – pick a date from when the price will increase and give clients notice – this I would recommend about a month – less is not much notice and more gives them time to forget.

So now you decided to put up your prices how do you break the news to your clients?

There are a few ways to break it to your clients and you could pick a combination of them.

Email – if you have a list of clients email addresses you can email them. If you already send out newsletters and updates this is great but if you don’t already send clients emails it could get lost in their junk mail.

Blogs – on your website if you have one is a good idea, it can also be linked to social media posts to make clients aware. Its a nice idea to blog now and again to keep interest up on social media and keep your website fresh.

Texts – sending a text would also work, if you have numbers stored in a group otherwise it could be time consuming. You could send one with plenty of notice and another nearer the time of the increase to remind them.

Social media – putting a post on social media is also a great idea to get message to your clients.

To soften the blow

It might be an idea, especially for long standing clients to offer something to ease them into the increase, to give them a bonus. – a few ideas for this could be

Bulk buying – offer to sell a block of treatments at the old rate so clients can save on future treatments

Vouchers – offer to sell a limited amount of vouchers per client for future treatments – don’t forget to put a use by date

Booking before the increase – you could let clients who book before the increase keep lower rate for that appointment – this may encourage lots of bookings and keeps your diary busy.

Delay price increase – for certain clients you could offer a couple of months or so extra before their rate will increase. Although this can be confusing if you have too many different rates for different clients.

Don’t forget to remind them

We all forget and it can be embarrassing for you and your client if they go to pay the old rate and you need to remind them it increased. Try some of the ideas below to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Poster – placed in your clinic as a reminder so while they are  in the waiting room or in your clinic space they will see it. Make sure it is eye catching though.

When booking – remember to mention price increase, even if booking is before the date so they know this will be last session at the old rate.

I hope these tips help and as always if you have any ideas I haven’t mentioned please mention in the comments section below to share them 🙂

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