When you decide to set up your massage business one important decision to make is where you will set up your practice?

You have a few options, work from your own home, work within a clinic or spa, or mobile and work in other peoples home.

Krzys and I started by working mobile. I have recently been lucky enough to set up a massage clinic at home but kept a few of my regular mobile clients. Krzys is still working mobile as Bristol Mobile Massage. As with every set up there are pros and cons.

Here are a few points to help you decide if mobile massage is the way for you.

Costs – When working in a clinic or home you need to think about running cost such as rent, heat and light. As mobile you would be avoiding these costs but you will need to think about cost of travel, not just fuel but also wear and tear to your car. Extra mileage can lower the value of your car, but on the plus side you can charge a little extra for the massage.

Insurance – I’m sure you already have insurance but you will need to have a conversation with your car insurance company to make sure you are still covered when working mobile. Of course this would also be the case if you were working from home as you need to make insurance companies aware you are running a business from your home.

Security – As if have mentioned in previous blogs, being a massage therapist can be a lonely profession and for that reason comes with risk – this of course can happen in any place but being in a stranger’s home can be daunting. Speaking to the client on the phone before to set boundaries as you would with any massage anywhere else is always the best way. The only extra thing when mobile would be to let someone know where you are; this can be done by a simple text before and after a session.

Challenges – If you are in your own home or in a clinic everything is set up the way you need it. When you are mobile you have to work with your surroundings and adapt. This can be space in the persons home, speaking to the client before is essential to making sure there will be space. I had one client wanting me to carry my bed to the loft conversion! (I learnt from then on to ask about space when booking).

Also parking. In some residential areas parking can be limited and when you have to carry your bed you need to be close as possible to the clients home. (Some areas you may have to pay for parking)

Kit and equipment – again being mobile means you have to take everything with you – this needs to be thought about when buying a couch as it will need to be as light as possible but also have a decent carry bag. Some bags have space for oils and towels and that way save you carrying two bags. Or you can always ask your clients to provide towels for massage – this will also save you washing your own.

Animals – going into clients home you are never sure what you will encounter. Many will have pets that are part of their family and I have had a few dogs trying to eat my oil when I’m not looking and one dog run off with my pen! So everything needs to be kept safe. Also worth thinking about if you have any allergies or fears. Saying that most pet owners are happy to put their pet in another room. So if you are nervous around animals its worth talking to client before you visit. I have made lots of new fur friends while being mobile.

Timings – You need to allow time between clients for traveling, this can mean less clients in a day, and maybe long days but, you are in control of your time and only time restraints are the ones you chose, you get to chose your own times for working without being committed to rental space.

Change of scenery – its great to get out and be in different surroundings rather than being in the same place every day.

Clients – if a client has booked a mobile massage it means its more convenient and comfortable for them – this makes your job easier. Many of my clients find it hard to get to a clinic environment, either lack of childcare or difficulty with transport.

Rewarding You can expand your mobile business to people that are unable to go to a clinic. Krzys visits clients with spinal injuries and he also visits care homes. Without working mobile these clients would not be able to easily attend a clinic. As you know massage can be so beneficial for these clients and being able to bring the massage to them is something you cant put a price on.

I think I have covered most things to consider when working mobile but if you do have any questions as always we can help so please get in touch at hello@busyhive.co.uk. Lets work together to be the best you can be.

Good luck with your ventures and remember to share the love and let fellow therapists know by sharing the blog.



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