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Kneader Review

When I started writing blogs I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would only write from my heart and give my honest opinions. So when I was given the kneader to review I admit I felt an element of panic! I don’t use tools in massage, I have always been of the opinion that nothing could beat skin to skin. Yes I have qualified in acupuncture and this is a tool but this felt different.

I carried the kneader around for nearly a week before I used it! It is a solid plastic tool but very smooth and nice to hold (even if does look like a knuckle duster) I had used it on my forearms and it felt good, but that was me feeling the pressure and I worried about trying it out on clients.

Going on to the Kneads Must website I did some investigating how this strange looking tool worked. It has different edges you can use depending on the type of massage you are doing. I also watched a few of the videos on youtube and felt I should really give this tool a try and see what happens. I made the decision to try it and write how I honestly felt.

First guinea pig was my husband, he is always happy to be a guinea pig and receive massage. I have quite small hands so wasn’t sure how the kneader would handle but playing with it you quickly find a comfortable way to hold it. I had started off holding it too tightly so my fingers went all the way through the holes but once I loosened my grip and relaxed it glided really well. I was surprised that I could feel the tissues still. He has problems with his shoulders but rocking over upper trapezius really helped the muscle to ease and melt. I kept asking for feedback and all seemed to be going well. I tried using the flat side and not putting my hands through the holes and this worked well too.

Next guinea pig was Krzys, He also gave great feedback and we experimented a bit more with the different edges. The thinner edge was great for getting the rhomboids and lifting the scapula. Getting used to the kneader it felt good to handle but I was still a little unsure about using it on my clients.

Next Krzys massaged me with it, I was really surprised, the soft surface is remarkably smooth on the skin and I honestly wasn’t sure at times if it was his hand or the kneader. It was a really enjoyable experience, it was great to receive how it felt and gave me more confidence in it.

Eventually I felt it was time to let my clients experience the kneader! I picked a client I have been seeing regularly for a few months, she always gives great feedback. Explaining that I was reviewing the kneader I asked if she would be happy to let me use it telling her that if she didn’t like it to say and I’d go back to what she was used to. Honestly even though I felt more comfortable using it and like the experience myself I did still worry as this was a paying client.

Starting the massage with my hands as usual to warm the tissues and palpate the muscles the kneader was glaring at me from the side. Picking it up with one hand as I used the other to palpate her shoulders – OK here goes…

The result was one happy customer! The only comment she made was that it felt cold against her skin so she knew I had started using it but she also commented about how quickly it warmed up. I hadn’t really noticed until then, it does warm quickly in your hands and that also adds to the feeling of it being like skin contact.

I now use it a lot! I have noticed my hands are more relaxed with it and the more I use it the more I can feel through it. Wonderful little tool. Great shape and size, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into designing it, I personally like that it fits in my pocket!

So in conclusion I will be keeping this kneader as part of my kit bag, so handy and surprisingly soft and easy to use. Delighted that I had to review it as Im not sure I would have tried it otherwise and now love it!

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