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What should a massage therapist wear?

This is something that many of you may not have thought about and some may work in an environment where uniform is supplied. There is no wrong outfit for massage but it might be nice to have a few things to consider when deciding what to wear.

You are the first impression.

As your client meets you for the first time you are the first thing they see. It is important to project your style of massage. If you are someone who is trying to attract sports people for example – wearing jogging bottoms and t-shirt or polo shirt is ideal. Likewise of you are more interested in relaxation or energy work, wearing yoga pants and relaxed top is also fine. My point is thinking about the client or style and dress appropriately. I’m not judging you – far from it but your client might.

Not too much skin

As we have mentioned in the past, some people associate massage with certain services we don’t offer. So take a look at yourself and what you are wearing and ask, could I be giving a false impression? Wearing a low cut top can give some people the idea that maybe they could ask for more. Again I’m not judging you but others may. I have heard people saying you should cover tattoos but personally i don’t see it as a problem, I think that is a personal choice and if you have a tattoo on your hands or forearm you can’t cover it up.


You need to move around a lot during the massage so go for something that’s not too tight, but also not too baggy (I know tricky right). If its too tight you won’t be able to move well and too baggy and it will get in your way or brush the client. Most importantly you need to feel comfortable because if your not comfortable how can you make your client comfortable?


Most massage therapists go for black – its great, it looks professional and oil doesn’t show too much on it. But this is not what you HAVE to wear. Why not experiment. I personally find white a no go as it shows oil marks and can go see through, but maybe think about blues or green as these are relaxing shades but nothing too loud or busy. Anything soft and gentle colour are great but again its all your personal choice.


Now this is important as this is probably what your client will see most. So if you decide to wear shoes make sure they are comfortable for you but also they are clean and tidy. Consider having a pair of shoes just for massage so they stay clean. If you decide to be bare foot make sure your feet are clean and well kept – look at them and think, will staring at these while receiving a massage make me feel relaxed? Obviously make sure they don’t smell 😉


Why not think about getting some branded clothing – I have a couple of polo shirts with my name and logo on and I will often wear them outside of my clinic. People notice and comment and you could potentially meet a new client. You can’t go around shouting you’re a massage therapist so why not advertise as you are walking around the supermarket or at your local park or gym. Some clients like to meet the therapist before booking in and this is an ideal opportunity away from clinic for them to approach you and ask any questions without the pressure of you asking them to book in.

Tax relief

This is an area we will be looking into on a later post but do remember there is an amount you can claim back on your tax return for uniform, this can be the clothing you choose to massage in, particularly branded clothing. It doesn’t have to be a typical uniform.

I hope these tips will give you a few things to think about – like I say its your own space and there is no right or wrong but please consider the client you are trying to attract – being comfortable is a priority but I’m not sure how I’d feel about someone massaging me in their pyjamas – who am I kidding, I’d love a massage no matter what. But some clients would be fussier than me 😉

As long as you’re clean and tidy and clothes are well maintained then go for it.


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