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MTI Conference – Celebrating 30 Years


Back again for more of the MTI and what is has to offer. This year MTI are celebrating 30 years and this was a conference not to be missed.

We had booked in advance but found choosing a workshop really difficult this year – too many good options.

Between us Krzys and I had decided to choose different workshops and share the knowledge later.

The day started off with a relaxed welcome so we could collect our badges and goodie bags, it was lovely to catch up with therapist that we hadn’t seen for a while and also meet new therapists. Wearing our BusyHive t-shirts it made it easier for therapists to spot us and approach us.

Welcoming us into the conference hall we had the opening of the conference.

The founders and current board members of the MTI were there to host the opening, we learnt about the MTI story and how it started and how it led to where we are today. I was so inspired by the story and it really gave us an insight into how far we can go with BusyHive and supporting therapists. They read from their initial plan and how they exceeded each point beyond the ideas in the beginning and again this rang true with us, how BusyHive has developed and grown beyond what we first visualised in only our first year. How lovely to hear a success story after 30 years and still going with plans for the future!

After the opening we were straight into our workshops.

I had Ruth Duncan for Myofascial Release for hands and Krzys went to Cameron Reid for Treating Sports Injuries.

It was exciting to finally meet Ruth and have a workshop from her. I loved her podcast with Krzys. She was very interesting, I loved her outlook on treatments and tips and tricks of using household tools to help as an option to buying expensive kit. She had us rolling on the floor at one point with a ball on our serratus anterior to help ease it – Wow that was uncomfortable, must take care of myself more! It was great to make ourselves aware of how tension in the neck and shoulders can add to hand pain so to release their first and work our way towards the hands.

After workshop it was lunch, a table was laid out with a vegetarian buffet, plus lots of teas and coffees and biscuits.

This was a great opportunity to network again and catch up with more therapists. I was really pleased to see Jane Johnson as I was regretting not booking on one of her workshops but I knew I had already had a workshop in June with her so saw this an opportunity experience different workshops.

Many stalls were also in the hall, selling various oils and creams and tools. I must admit I didn’t get to see everything as I was trying to get round as much as possible and ran out of time.

Jenny and Anna from the MTI were tirelessly running around to make sure everyone had everything they needed and all therapist were happy and cared for. Which they all were

Krzys headed off to Ruth Duncan with MFR for sacroiliac area while I was in Hands free with Darien Pritchard, Leora Sharp, Sally Morris and Craig Foden for afternoon session. I think my hands must have been achy when I booked my sessions as both were relating to saving your hands.

Really enjoyed this workshop and was lovely insight to how we can work smarter as therapists. I know when I started massage we worked on keeping hands loose but this workshop made me even more aware of my body and how I should be much more relaxed and sink when massaging.

The session started with Sally warming us up, it was so much fun. Instead of telling us to simply relax and move to some music (which I always find hard to relax into) she guided us in how to move. We started by having to move around the room being led by our bums – was great fun bumping into each other and the atmosphere in the room was very giggly.

Highlight of this workshop was being part of a demonstration for Craig to massage me – bliss. It was amazing to realise that you can massage without using your hands, it just takes training and practice.

Back into the main hall then for prize giving – we all sat there as names were read out and the next thing we heard BusyHive mentioned – Krzys name had been pulled out!

He had won two hours help from the Webmistress!

Once the conference came to a close everyone started leaving the building. It seemed to take us ages to gather all our bits from the day and equipment we had taken as many therapist were still approaching us.

I loved the whole experience and learnt so much.

Speaking to Krzys on the way back about the conference we agreed it was the best one that we had been to so far – it was so hard to pick a workshop and was so great to see so many like minded people in one room. Catching up with therapists we haven’t seen for a while and meeting new ones is something we both really enjoy. Hearing everyones stories and sharing knowledge and experience is how we grow together as therapists.

As always a big thumbs up to MTI for yet again pulling off a successful conference, I am sure they are all going home for a well deserved break and relax before going back to work on Monday!

If you would like to to learn more about MTI you can click here to go to their website.

Remember we are here if you would like to get in touch and tell us your story or difficulties you experience as a therapist, or if there is an area you would like is to cover then let us know.



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