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MTI Conference Experience

Every year MTI invite their members to a conference, this year it was in Solihull.

I was excited to attend this year as I wasn’t able to make last year’s conference and 2015 one had been inspiring and informative.

This year was the added bonus that we were hoping to promote BusyHive to fellow therapists and mostly to introduce ourselves to MTI.

Massage training Institute has been running for 29 years and prides itself on maintaining a high level of massage therapy.

Krzys and I have been members since we qualified.

We set off early to deliver some coaches for the conference and arrived at 9 as the doors opened. Everyone was busy running around and last minute preparations but all was set for the therapist arrival.

We were given name tags with a reminder of which workshops we had booked – Brilliant idea who ever thought of that as it was ages ago we booked! And I forgot what I booked.

Also, we were given a goody bag with offers and leaflets from shops promoting themselves and of course the MTI booklet of the day and bottle of water. We soon found ourselves a coffee and soon had met a few new friends.

The day was so well organised with a talk from Earl Abraham (Chair of MTI) and Jane Langston to start with then we split into our workshops. Krzys and I had decided to start with Assessing and treating the neck by Jane Johnson. I have a book by Jane and was excited to hear her workshop – I was not disappointed. So good to hear from a physios point of view and she gave us new ideas and inspiration to try something new and to bring it back to our own clients to benefit from.

Then we had a break for some lovely food and more networking with fellow massage therapists.

After lunch, I attended Healing Trauma through touch by Katya Langmuur while Krzys went for Applied cases of soft tissue therapy by Earle Abrahamson.

We both loved our choice of workshops again and felt it was great to see things from a different perspective. Getting fresh ideas and tips to bring back to our clinics.

The event was to celebrate and recognise differences and this was felt through the whole day, the thing I love about the massage community is acceptance of everyone no matter what their path and choices, we are all equal and it’s not our place to judge each other and this leads to being a great therapist that can make out clients feel at ease that the massage space is met with equal respect for each other and a space where clients can open up of just switch off from the world for an hour or so.

We managed to speak to MTI representatives and got positive feedback and left very excited about our next steps on this BusyHive path. This is still the start of our journey and we are so excited about helping you all on your path and inspiring you as we go.

We also spoke with fellow massage therapists and the love and encouragement we received was amazing! We went to spread the buzz about BusyHive and came away positively buzzing ourselves.

Massage therapy is the best business to be in – no competition just love for all

Can’t wait until next year’s conference.


If you want to learn more about MTI check out their website –

So get in contact and let me know about your experience with conferences or networking event.

BusyHive is in the process of organising an event for networking so we would love to hear your thoughts… this space…

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