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My Top Ten Blog Ideas

Many massage therapist have their own website which took them ages to set up and then it gets forgotten about, I am guilty of this myself.

A lot of people, clients and MT’s stick to social media and keep those pages updated now and again but tend to forget the website they put all their love and attention into.

That’s not a bad thing as I’m sure you have everything on your site that a potential client would be interested in like your style of massage, prices and location.

But it is always nice to keep the site fresh, this will help clients find it when using a search engine! You want people to keep visiting your site otherwise its not really worth paying for one.

A good way is by writing a blog, this can be done regularly or adhoc – there is no rules. So pressure off!


What to write about?

Once you decide that writing a blog is a good idea, the next problem is What do I write?

This can depend on you and who you are attracting, are you trying to reach athletes? or busy mums or office workers?

You can make the blogs about your area of expertise such as recovery from injury, or why hydration is important, or stretching ideas. To start with though Its also nice to make some a bit personal, here are my Top Ten Blog Ideas to get you started.



Why you became a massage therapist.

This is a nice way to introduce yourself and let clients see the personal side to your business. What made you decide to become a massage therapist and what do you love about your job?


What your client should expect when they have a treatment from you?

This can include timings – do you give hour appointments, is this an hour in total or an hour on the bed?

Do you expect your client to undress? Reassure them about draping – will you leave the room while they undress? Or will you hold a drape up? Clients can let nerves stop them booking a massage – if you have it all written out it avoids embarrassment.



Reasons not to have a massage!

Yes sometimes we don’t want our clients in our clinic. This is a good tool to let clients know what is acceptable and when it is not advisable to receive a massage. Remember sometimes it is to protect us and our clients – changing the sheets may not be enough to protect the next client if the previous one has sneezed or coughed over everything. You could list ailments and give comments on them.



What Events have you worked at?

Take lots of pictures and show clients where you have been and what type of massage you have done. Was it a charity event? Not only will this show how diverse you can be it will also allow others know you are available for event work.



Self massage ideas

In between appointments clients like tips on how to reach that area that needs work. Have a list of your favourite self help tips. You could include your favourite tools – do you use bought tools or improvise with a golf ball under your foot or a tennis ball in a sock for your shoulders and neck? Maybe you could do a blog about massage with non massage tools – make it fun and they may share with friends, this will increase your reach! Have a read of my previous blog – Tension and No Treatments!




What other therapies you recommend

This can be a great idea to get other therapists involved too, advise on a good personal trainer, hypnotist or yoga teacher or meditation class. Get then to mention you also and cross refer! Work together to get more clients – this will also benefit your clients.



Why do YOU get a massage?

Talk about your last massage, or best/worst massage. Don’t mention where you went, you don’t want to loose clients or name a place you had a bad massage! Explain what you liked or didn’t and you can add how you would want all your clients to talk about what they want to make sure they have the best experience. Share why massage is important to you.




What are your most common aliments you treat? Is it sports related or stress? What is your favourite aftercare? List them on a blog and you can guide your client to it as a reminder when you give out after care.



What qualifications do you have?

Explain where you got qualified and insurance. Are you first aid trained? Clients like to see their therapist has been trained well and you can include any CPD courses you have been on. Or what organisation you are part of. It may inspire a client to get in touch to try out your latest therapy. You could do a fresh blog after each CPD course you go on, shout about your achievements!



How do you look after yourself?

What do YOU do to relax? What other ideas would you recommend?

These can range from a long soak in the bath to receiving counselling. Maybe meditation sessions? Or hitting the gym or running?

Name some ideas but also make it personal to give a warm feeling when they read it and it will help your client relate to you.


Sinead - Blog

Good luck with your blogs and hope these ideas give you some inspiration. Once you start lots more ideas will come, but remember there is no pressure, keep things fresh and when you update your website post about it on your social media with a link to encourage clients to visit your site. Otherwise how else will they know?

Do you have any blogs that worked well or you got clients from? Let us know your comments in the section below.


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