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For a holistic approach to injury repair or help in achieving your goals or simply relax. Sinead is a qualified massage therapist and medical acupuncturist. We ask so much from our bodies every day, why put up with aches and pains? Book an appointment and give your body the hours holiday it deserves. 


If you are setting up a massage practice or maybe been going for a while – sometimes things can go quiet and this can be a time of panic as no clients = no money coming in!

So check out my top tips below for helping to get some new clients in the door and on to your couch!

  1. Who? What is your area of interest – this is great opportunity to get the clients you want – are you bored of just repeating the same massage of stressed out office workers and really want to get into gyms and recovery from injuries or maybe you want to help busy mums who need a break?
  2. Attraction – think how you want to attract that person – what would they be looking for? Gear your flyers or business cards to attract that person. Use photos or wording that would make them notice you.
  3. Stalk them – join groups on social media that your potential clients would join – running groups or mum groups or business groups. Find out what they are doing and any events that they might be at that you could potentially also have a presence at. If you see an opportunity to promote yourself – go for it!
  4. Cross-market! Talk to Personal trainers or go into hairdressers or businesses that your new clients would already be going to – talk to them and agree on a mutual beneficial deal. Maybe offer to refer your clients to them if appropriate and ask them to do the same for you! Maybe offer them a discount if they refer to you.
  5. Social! Social media is by far the best way to get your name out there – make sure your social media sites are kept up to date, the more you post the more that will be seen. Try and aim for once a week. It doesn’t have to be anything in depth just a simple note to say you have a space available or maybe a reminder to stretch or wishing everyone a happy day in the sun…..- a good status get shared so be inventive!
  6. Offers – be careful here though, many people have fallen into the trap of offering first massage free or half price. Everyone loves a bargain so you will find yourself with lots of clients at half price but many won’t return for a full price one. Instead offer blocks, 6 for price of 5 or 3 for 2. That way they have committed to a few massages and given you a chance to shine and get them hooked! You could also offer referral discounts – if they refer someone (and they book) you could offer a discount of some sort for them as a one off thank you.
  7. Gift certificates! – lots of people panic around birthdays/ Christmas etc as what to get as gifts for their loved one – gift certificates can be an easy way out for people so make sure you have them ready – write on a use by date so they have a time limit to use them. These can also be used to offer for raffles etc as another way to get your name out there.

So good luck guys, get your name out there and big up yourselves! You are amazing massage therapists – let the world know!!

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