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Pain Posture Performance Course

Krzys had interviewed Danny a few times for our podcasts and we were both inspired by what he had to say, if haven’t listened already I will add links to the bottom of this blog, they are great interviews.

When we heard he was hosting a course in the UK we had to attend!

The Saturday morning of the course came around very quickly and we found our way to the YMCA in Hampton for 8.30am excited and ready to learn.

At the start of the course we met Danny and Kiki. I knew about Danny from the podcasts but not much about Kiki and was interested to meet her. She is amazing, not only for her yoga wisdom and flexibility but she also organises all the courses and social media side for Danny to concentrate on the teaching.

After a quick hello to each other and introduction, Danny started telling us about the course and the theory side of things. We went into more detail of the upper and lower cross syndrome as well as joint by joint theory which he had spoken about on the podcasts.

The morning couldn’t go quick enough to start getting our hands on each other and learn some new techniques.

We started by looking at the posture of our bodies from the big toe and mobility. We learnt about posture before in college but listening to Danny explain it slightly differently made me think about it again and revisit what I’d learnt.

Yes part of me was thinking, it was going over old ground but there were differences in how he explained it and as he was talking I had a few sparks of ideas about my clients and things that may help them. His knowledge gave me fresh outlook at my practice.

The first day went too fast, there were lots of new knowledge and plenty of videos taken on my phone to remind me later. I find this easier than note taking, so much can be missed when taking notes and I don’t always get everything down I want to it’s much easier to review a video than decipher scribbles later on.

As the first day came to an end Danny and Kiki suggested we all went to the pub next door and a few of us joined them. It was lovely to relax away from the classroom environment and hear about Danny and Kiki’s lives in Miami and how things differ from here in clinic and classroom environment. It was lovely to chat to everyone and give hints and tips to each other from our own experiences and clinics. This is the part of any course I love the best! The learning is great but you can’t beat meeting fellow therapist and networking.

One by one everyone left and by the time Krzys and I got back to our hotel we were exhausted. So much information to take in and our brains needed sleep.

Sunday morning and back to the class. Another 8.30 start with lovely hot coffee to wake us up.

Saturday had explored the big toe up to the hips so today was thoracic, neck and shoulder.

Wow, I realise now how bad my range of motion is. Being hyper mobile the test I have done in the past were sometimes deceiving and hard to see where an issue was but the tests Danny demonstrated showed me a few things about my own body, making sure to stabilise one area before testing another. On the positive side we learnt how to fix the issues too!

A few of us found the thoracic tricky to get our heads around so Danny suggested we cut our lunch time to 45min and spend longer on it to make sure we understood it fully. This was greatly appreciated by us all and Danny was happy to come round explaining it individually if needed until we eventually we all got it!

By the end of Sunday I was shattered but buzzing! We finished by stretching and learning a few poses for ourselves to practice to keep us mobile.

Everyone on the course was excited to get back to their clinics and start using the new knowledge we learnt.

On the journey home Krzys and I discussed the course. We both really enjoyed the weekend and have taken away lots of fresh and exciting ideas to use on our clients. We were tired but excited. Both Danny and Kiki are lovely and very open and welcoming. It made the course flow really well and we all felt able to ask questions and get involved.

Their relaxed personalities made the course easier to take in. I have been on courses before or one-day seminar where the person leading is so serious about the subject that it can sometimes be hard to stay involved.

This was at a good pace and relaxed.

Something that I’ve never had on a course before is a follow up in a few weeks, there will be an email to invite us to an online meeting to discuss any questions about what we learnt or anything we have forgotten!

Yes on previous courses the tutor has offered that we can contact them to check anything or ask questions but this was a different approach. To be able to all meet online and bounce ideas around was great and also get lots more information.

Can’t wait!

Since being home for a week and using the ideas in my clinic my favourite new skill is using rest postures and how it can work for testing clients and also for aftercare. I have given some of my clients these as aftercare and so far feedback is great. They are doing them! which is a great start, so often they forget stretches or don’t have time or simply forget. These are nice and simple and my clients so far seem happier to do them.

I am going to keep an eye on the social media and make sure I can attend the next course, or maybe I need to start saving and get a trip out to Miami to visit!

If you have any questions about the course please get in touch or if you have been to one of the courses let us know in the comments or at

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