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Quality over Quantity


Everyone wants to be liked!

The more people who like you the nicer a person you are?

Or the more people that like your business page the better therapist you are?

Is that right?

I think most of us have a presence on social media and often set up pages for massage to advertise ourselves.

This is a great way to raise an awareness of our services and let people know when you have spaces or if you are running any offers or promoting gift vouchers perhaps and generally keep in touch with clients.

The problem I have seen so many fellow therapists run into is when they focus on how many likes they have.

Its nice to get likes and it certainly makes you feel popular and loved but they can also be damaging to your clinics promotion if they aren’t the right type of likes.

Let me explain,

Often I see a post on a massage group page suggesting that everyone puts a link to their page so we can all like each other’s pages and increase the likes. This sounds lovely and it does work, as the amount of likes go up – BUT are you really going to go to any of these clinics?

You haven’t liked the page because you have been to the clinic or intend to go so why like it – because you’re nice and want to help someone out?

Lets look from the therapist point – You have now achieved 10 more likes! BUT how has it improved your business? You have 10 more followers who are not going to visit your clinic so it hasn’t really helped you.

The other thing you need to think about is the way Facebook works. It takes into consideration all the likes your page has and compares them to each other to see what they all have in common so when other people with similar interests are on Facebook there might be a suggestion of a page.

For example – Imagine you are fresh out of college, you set up a Facebook page for your clinic, then you ask all your fellow students to like each others page. Suddenly you have lets say 12 likes from college, 10 from friends and family. What Facebook will then do is have a look what they all have in common. It will determine that 12 of your likes also like massaging equipment and massage courses and massage books etc.… So when someone is on Facebook who also likes those things your page may pop up as a suggestion. The thing is that person will also be a therapist.

I know therapists want massage too but you should be focusing on what clients YOU want.

Now think about your niche if you have one. What do they all have in common?

Lets use an example of runners – this happens to be my niche. So how can I get runners to like my page?

Well you could start with asking all your clients to like your page, let them know it is where you will be giving information about appointments and offers and this will encourage them to find it and click that like button.

Its even better if they can leave a review!

You could pay for advertising – Facebook let you set an amount you wish to spend over a time period and will advertise for you, the system lets you select the type of person you want to reach. This is a great way to get more clients.

Once you have a few followers on your page posting something of interest to your niche will help. For example I could post a meme to do with running, doesn’t even have to be massage related. Then one of my clients may share it and their running friends would then be able to see it. It will still have your page as being the source so often people will click on your page and hopefully like it too.

Your posts don’t have to be massage related but it is good to make them niche related.

Eventually you will have more and more like from your niche and Facebook will be able to start suggesting your page to the right people.

Remember if you have 100 likes but from the wrong people they are worthless. Having 20 good quality likes are worth so much more.

Once you have a few good quality likes don’t forget to keep the page active, post regularly.

Ideas for posts can be

  • To help fill spaces, what appointments are left this week?
  • To promote vouchers, especially on the lead up to holiday time
  • Remind clients to stretch/keep hydrated/relax
  • Share an interesting post
  • Share a meme – maybe one from BusyHive
  • Share a niche related quote or event of interest.


Join groups that your niche may already be part of and keep an eye on it.

There may be an event that you could ask to attend or maybe offer discount to people competing in a certain race?


Set up your page get some good quality likes and keep posting!


Good luck


If you have nay questions or subjects you want us to cover please get in touch – or leave us a message in the comments below.





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