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Review of Stones Aquamassage therapy pillow



For this review I feel I need to go back in time a little.

MTI conference 2017 there were a few people selling massage related items; I wandered around and saw various oils and lotions along with candles and crystals. There was a man amongst them all with a sign for aquapillows.

I saw a few people lying on them and dismissed it as a gimmicky thing and not what I would be interested in.

After the conference Krzys raved about how lovely it was and a great idea. OK I admit it…. Sorry Krzys but I didn’t really pay that much attention! It was a pillow filled with water – how amazing could that be?

Fast forward a bit, we invited Rick from AquaMassage to our networking event we held end of last year. Krzys convinced me that I HAD to give it a go.

Well, it was a busy day so I only managed a few minutes lying on it while Rick massaged my back…WOW!

It felt so lovely. Admittedly it felt a little strange having my back massaged while supine but a great experience too.

Biggest problem was I couldn’t be there for long enough.

It was something I wanted to investigate further but as with many things it was on my list and I never seem to find the time to do it.


Then Rick got in touch to ask if we wanted to review a pillow on our web site – YES please!

I’d received a massage but not had the experience of actually using one so this really excited me.

Krzys came over and we unboxed the pillow and followed the very simple instructions to fill it.

It was a little heavy when it had the water in but carrying it over your shoulder was so simple and the easiest way to carry it.

Once it was on the couch we were both excited about having a go – I won the fight and got to receive first.

It was so nice to relax on the warm pillow.

We both had a go at giving a massage while the other was supine – it took a little getting used to and adapting how you work, letting the clients body relax into your hand rather than applying pressure from above.

Even though were haven’t received training yet – it felt great!

Training is on the list for as soon as I can arrange to take some time and fit it all in. I think some of my clients would really benefit from it.

The pillow was originally meant for people who can’t lie prone so a full body can still be done while supine.

On playing with the pillow we were discussing how it would be lovely for pregnant clients, as the pillow would support them better. I lay on the pillow prone and being large chested it felt fantastic! I had tried massages before with pillows in various places to support my chest but gave up as nothing felt comfortable enough and it was just easy to have none and be slightly uncomfortable. This was amazing! The warmth helped but the way it moulded around me made me feel secure and supported. Much better than a regular pillow which would be more sturdy. I felt like I melted into the pillow.

The pillow has lots of uses and not just for massage; it would be lovely for elderly person or even someone with back pain to lean against in a chair to ease aching muscles.

It could also be filled with cold water and used against an injury site, much easier than an ice pack.

The website suggested using it for babies too which I think is a lovely idea.

If you haven’t already had the experience of the aquapillow I really would recommend it – Rick is at a lot of trade shows and is always up for a chat and a giggle while giving you a demo.

My only problem with this is finding time for me to go on the course to get the most out of using it!

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