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SB Holistic oils review.

The lovely Sarah Bryan very kindly gave us some oils to review. I don’t normally stray far from my trusted coconut oil but this was a good opportunity to experiment.

I had met Sarah at a few shows and conferences. She is always happy to chat and explain any oils to you. Not only has she designed her own oils and run a massage practice she is also very well educated lady. Very interesting to chat to about lots of different topics and to also a great sense of humour. You can listen to a podcast Sarah did for busyhive HERE.

She attends many of the trade shows so if you see her stand at any show make sure to go and say hello.

2017 the Holistic Therapist Magazine Awarded honoured Sarah’s oils with an award.

I am still like a kid at Christmas when I get packages delivered, so when the oils arrived it was no different. Opening them up to see what I had.

Muscle Magic

Nerve Magic

Myofascial Magic

Scar Magic

Rescue Magic

The bottles are nicely made up with clear logo and details including a list of ingredients. The great thing about Sarah’s oils is although they are aromatherapy you don’t need to be aromatherapy trained to use them.

I had a good sniff of them all! What I like straight away was how each oil had its own scent but it was gentle and if you weren’t sticking your nose in the bottle like I was you may not detect it. Nice subtle smell when being used but in no way would I be worried about my client being bothered by the odour.

Some massages I’ve received in the past the room is filled with aroma – which I quite like but I know other people have said it puts them off so its something I try and avoid. This wouldn’t be an issue here.

First impression was the oils looked and smelt very professional, each had either a spray or pouring lid or the creams were in a jar. The only downside we found was the fear of forgetting to open the bottle and be in the massage when having to stop to open the bottle but Sarah has reminded us that she also provides bottles with a pump action lid to avoid such cases.

I think its probably best if I take you through them one at a time to give you my thoughts.

The oil I used most was the Muscle Magic, it has a slightly warming effect when massaging onto a client, I believe this comes from the black pepper ingredient. It is smooth and you really don’t need much to get a good spread.

I have used this oil on a number of my clients now and I am impressed with how well it spreads and gives a nice glide. This is one I will be purchasing in the future.

The Myofascial Magic spray is lovely and once it is sprayed onto the skin it gives stickiness to aid with MFR but (this is hard to describe so I will do my best) its not really sticky.

So it helps your hand stick to the clients skin but it doesn’t leave a sticky residue for the client after. – you now what guys if you do MFR I suggest you get some, as the lets go with that.

The scar magic, we used on Krzys and it was pretty amazing how well it reacted. If you do scar work already you will know that scars can be tough to work with and sometimes can take a few sessions to really get the skin moving again. With this oil the skin became more pliable quickly and felt very soft. Krzys continued to use it on his scar and has been very impressed with the results.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to use this one as the opportunity didn’t arise, but the spread is good and the slight peppermint smell is gorgeous, it gives a lovely cooling feeling and I imagine it would be fab for an injury or post workout

Again a nice spread from this one too.

Again unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to use this one, the smell is lovely, the gentle smell of eucalyptus is calming. Again a good spread rate on this one too.

So how would I describe Sarah’s oils – I think the clue is in the name….They are Magic!

If your still unsure but would like to try the oils, contact Sarah and she can send you a sample size to try before committing to a bigger bottle.

All these oils are well made and you can tell Sarah has put a lot of love and passion into them. I may step away from my safe coconut oil and start experimenting some more, starting with these.

You can watch a video review we done on these oils HERE where you can see more of the oils.

If you have any questions on the oils you can always message me or contact Sarah direct, her website link is HERE and she is always happy to answer any questions.

Let us know in the comments below if you have nay experience with the oils and what you think.

Don’t forget we are here for you, if you have anything you would like us to research or would like more information on then please get in touch –

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