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Set your goal and hit it!

It feels like everyone is starting the New Year with the ‘New Year – New Me’ slogan! It is a great idea but you need to be careful to plan to make sure you don’t fail and give up.

Here are a few tips to make sure things happen the way you want them too.

Be realistic

You want to set a goal but make sure its not unrealistic. Aim high but leave room for passing your goals. For example, instead of wanting 100 new clients this year aim for 1 a month on average. This is a fair amount for an established business and realistic. It also gives you space to go above your goal. Remember to be realistic though – can you take on another new client a month or will you be spreading yourself too thin?

Why that goal?

Also think about why you want that goal. For example 100 likes on Facebook. But why do you want that many likes? What difference will it make to your business? Is it a sensible goal? How will it improve you? Would a better goal be to increase the amount of office workers to like your page? Quality of likes is worth more than quantity – think about your niche!

Understand the goal you are aiming for and you will have more success.


If you fail to plan you are planning to fail!

Think about what your goal is and seriously consider how you can make it happen – what is the process of getting to your goal. If you don’t know – ask! You will be surprised by how many people you have around that can help. You can always ask us or even a quick Google search can sometimes be enough to help to guide you towards your goal.

Set mini goals

Breakdown the path to reach your main goal and make mini goals and targets. Having a large goal sometimes can seem so far away and sometimes you feel like its not going tot happen so give up. If you have mini goals along the way it gives a sense of achievement and can give a tick against each thing. It keeps you on target and focused.


Make an incentive – when I reach my first mini goal I will book a massage! For example. This will be an added incentive besides ticking off the goal. Make the path to success an enjoyable one. It doesn’t all have to be about hard work. Give your self recognition when you are doing well.

Tell someone

When you share your goals with others it makes you more determined to reach them. It makes the goal a reality and helps to focus your mind. Getting asked how its going or if you hit a target gives you the incentive to show others you can do it – prove to others as well as to yourself.

Have a reminder

There are various ways to do this – you could make a vision board which is great to see every day and help keep you focused but you could use other means too like a reminder on your phone once a week or month to get you back on track. Or notes on your calendar to see when deadlines for each section are due. Even a photo or logo placed somewhere is great reminder. If you can see your goal you will be more focused to get to it. I have taken a picture of mine above. I see it in the mirror every morning to remind myself what I am heading towards and keep me focused.


Most importantly……

Keep going and you will reach your goal!

If you have any further tips you would like to share with everyone or maybe you would like to share your vision boards. Please comment below. As always please get in touch if we can help with anything at

Good Luck.

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