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Setting up my new clinic


I decided to take the leap, to totally disrupt my family life and put an extension on to the house in order to make space for a clinic!

Scary time!!

Once we decided that we would go for it and saved enough money for the works. Builder had been arranged and architect finalised the plans it was full steam ahead.

It was going to be a mammoth task as we would be moving most of the rooms downstairs, also adding the headache of no kitchen for a while.

First stage was pretty harmless as it was all outside building the shell of the extension, but eventually they had to knock though and that’s where the fun started.

We had to box up as much as possible that we wouldn’t need for 6 weeks and store it in the garage. Labeling all the boxes with what was inside would have been a great idea but sadly an after thought.

Then the dust started, trying to keep a mobile massage business going is hard but when everything seems dusty at he its harder. Luckily it was winter so there were no bad feelings about putting everything through the tumble dryer and straight upstairs out of the way. My couch lived in the boot of my car for that time.

Living with a makeshift kitchen was an adventure – I was blessed to have an understanding sister whose kitchen I could use and bring food back to be reheated in the microwave, we had more take-aways that we normally would but we all survived to tell the tale.

Most of the extension was easy to decide on colours new kitchen etc.… but my clinic was all me!

There were so many decisions –

flooring?? Carpet? – no oils spilt will be a nightmare to clean

Wood laminate? – oil maybe slippery

Tiles? – little less slippery than laminate – so that’s what I went for.

Painting the walls – colours???? Aghhhhh such pressure, something clean but relaxing, giving off the right vibes?? In the ended I picked white, nice and safe and figured I can decorate with pictures to bring in some colour.

I had my couch so that was one less worry.

Heating? – I took advice from the plumber on this one – I didn’t want a radiator as it took up space and didn’t really need to have the room headed all the time – I wanted a separate controlled heater. So was advised to get a wall mounted fan heater – it cools too so is ideal to get the room to the right temperature.

A table? And chairs…. While talking to a client about posture while at work she got very excited and wanted to show me her new desk – a standing desk! It was a sign, I needed to have that desk. I had an option to raise or lower so was perfect to sit with my client so raise and stand when typing up notes or this blog!

Also as I’m a little lacking in the height department so it means I can make the table correct for me rather than making do with a fixed table height and having to increase the height of a chair and have my little legs dangling.

Lighting?? Had to something that wasn’t too bright but I didn’t want to have a dimmer switch. Dimming the lights when someone was undressed I felt gave an odd impression. So do I go spotlights? Side lamps?

I think this was my biggest problem to solve and spent a lot of time looking at lights and lying on my couch to see as my client would. In the end I went for three spotlights together. They were positioned about the client’s head but pointing out so not to blind the client when supine.

So I felt I was all set up – I bought some posters and got very excited.

The work from then on seemed to take forever to be done but eventually I had my room – bare and plastered and ready for paint.

It turns out my hands were made for massage not painting – I got it everywhere!

I booked a week off and got on with the clinic. It felt so amazing to watch it develop and be part of the journey.

Once the paint was dry and the bed was in I was almost good to go – but where to store my books and linen – thank you Ikea! A quick trip and found the perfect items.

SKB Massage Clinic was finally ready to go – after all the expense and inconvenience it all was a memory and I was ready to move forward and desperate for my first client. I have had many compliments about the clinic and it makes me swell with pride. I think having to decide solely on everything and painting it myself it really is my baby and love it. It’s a place of calm and happiness. My little get away.

All I need now is to change the blinds – but for now its perfect.

So now its your turn – tell us about your clinic space? What do you think are important to have or avoid? Send a photo of your clinic space to share and we will run a clinic each month to give each other ideas. 🙂

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