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Top 12 Questions clients want to ask.

I have spoken to many clients about massage and how they pick certain places and what puts them off. Unfortunately many are put off as they are too scared to ask a few questions. I have compiled a list below and I intend to add them to my website so any potential clients don’t have to be brave and ask.

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1 – Do have to get naked?

When a massage therapist says – undress to where you feel comfortable, they literally mean just that. If you are comfortable being naked then great as all areas will be draped and only the areas that you want to be worked will be revealed.

But if you don’t want to remove any clothes that’s fine too – we can work over clothes if that’s how you feel more comfortable.

Or in between and in underwear is fine too.

Feel free to speak to you therapist about undressing – don’t feel pressured to reveal more than you are comfortable to do so. Sometimes it is easier to massage an area that is not clothed but this is ultimately your decision.

2 – I’m coming straight from work is that going to be ok?

Obviously the best body to work on is one that’s clean but your therapist won’t mind if you have been at work, some people fit massage in a lunch break or on the way home from work. It’s all ok.

Some massage therapists may have wet wipes in the room that you could wipe on your feet if you have had them trapped in shoes all day but other than that we don’t mind really.

3 – Is it ok to have a massage before going to the gym or out for a run?

This is not ideal – unless it is a pre event massage. Try and arrange for the massage to be after exercise if you need to train on the same day. Let your body relax after having a treatment.

4 – Will you still treat me if I’m late?

Your appointment is for a required time – typically one hour. So if you are late it will mean you have lost some of your time – it will not be possible to extend your time as the therapist will be running to a schedule. If you are really late you may not have time for a treatment so make sure you are prompt. Its nice to relax before a massage rather than rushing in.

5 – Can I eat before a massage?

Of course! But try to avoid anything heavy to eat – if you can wait till after that is better as receiving treatment just after eating could be uncomfortable if you have had a large meal them last thing you want to do is lie on your front.

6 – Will it hurt?

Massage shouldn’t hurt. If you are receiving deep tissue work there may be some uncomfortable times but your therapist will work with you and if it is too much will be more gentle. We work together so remember to speak and let the therapist know if you want less pressure.

If you have deep tissue work and it is uncomfortable – Breath! I know it sounds obvious but if an area is tight and the therapist works deeper it is tempting to hold your breath – the more you are able to relax and take deep slow breaths the less painful it will be. If it is more than uncomfortable speak up.

7 – Will I bruise?

Hopefully not but if you have had deep tissue work it is possible, especially if you are prone to bruising. A relaxing massage should not cause any bruising though. If it is something that concerns you please speak with the therapist or ask for more information of the style of massage you want.

8 – If i have a full body massage, will you touch all areas of my body?

This will depend on you. Groin is a no!

Sometimes a therapist may want to work on your digestive system which would require access to your abdomen but if you would rather remain draped just say, towels can be used to cover your chest while the area is worked.

Similarly if breathing mechanics are being worked on the therapist would need to access the ribs but if you would rather a drape or for female clients you can wear your bra.

This is a discussion for you and your therapist as each persons is different and so is each treatment. Ultimately you are in control of your body so it is up to you.

9 – How often should I have a massage?

This can be discussed with your therapist as it will depend on any issues you wan have and if you are recovering from an injury for example. But it is a good idea to schedule a regular massage every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

10 – Is it ok to talk?

OK I’m not saying chat all the way through the session but if you feel uncomfortable or anything is painful then speak up! The massage is all about you getting what you want so if you want more or less pressure it is ok to speak. Keep in mind being silent will help your muscles to relax, there is no pressure to speak to the therapist.

11 – I’m worries I might break wind?

Don’t worry – when the body relaxes this often happens. It is ok. Its better to let it happen rather than trying to hold it in. Just please if the therapist is working on your gluteus on upper legs please warn them. But remember we are all human and we all break wind!

12 – I heard sometimes men get an erection when receiving a massage, is this true?

This is true but don’t panic! Obviously this can be embarrassing you for you and the therapist. Try and relax. The therapist is aware of this and it is actually quite rare.

If the therapist is aware they will move to a different area and the feelings will pass.

As long as you are not expecting anything more than a massage there is no problem.

With all these questions communication is key so making sure most of these are answered before the client gets on the couch the more they can relax.

Hope you find these questions useful in your clinics, if you think of any extra ones post them in the comments and as always feel free to get in touch –


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