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Top Ten Qualities of a Massage Therapist

Here are my top ten qualities I feel would make a great massage therapists and also make clients want to return again and again…


1    Relaxing environment

Having a nice clear clinic that’s clean and tidy can aid your client to relax. Make sure the room is warm with clean sheets. An inviting clinic makes a huge difference. Also make sure you are feeling relaxed as this will also help your client – to create a nice warming place for them includes you!

Obviously if you are mobile you are not in control of your environment but you are in control of your actions so being relaxed yourself will help them to be too.2    Good listeners

Listen to everything the client says – sometimes things are mentioned in passing that actually turn out to be important. Make notes so you remember and it doesn’t all have to be clinical, things happening in their life can have an affect on their body. 

3    Be interested

Pay an interest in your client. Make a note of birthdays or plans they have between appointments. Clients love it when you remember something they mentioned in a past appointment. It lets them know you are interested in them and their wellbeing. It will also help them to trust your treatments and feel relaxed.

4    Empathy

To be able to understand what the client is saying and sometimes picking up on small bits of details to get a better understanding of how they are feeling and how their body is reacting. Sometimes you can get a feeling from things that haven’t been said, just how they are spoken or body language, how the client reacts to a topic can say more than words.

5    Good record keeping

Keeping details of your clients safely in compliance with GDPR and also a record of treatments given and any notes on any reactions good or bad will be beneficial for your treatments.Also income and expenditure records for your accounts.

If you need help with forms remember we have free forms here


6    Good business mind

Keeping good records income and expenditure so when it comes to tax returns everything is up to date and easier to manage. Make sure all expenditure is paid on time – rental for example. Keep an eye on how much you are making each month, this will enable you to realise where you may need to increase prices or cut expenses to make your clinic more profitable. It is a good idea to do this monthly so you can solve a possible problem before it becomes an issue. Maybe you need to promote yourself more? Do you have a magic number of client before you make a profit and are you reaching that number?


7    Self promotion

Be able to promote yourself – tell everyone you meet that you are a massage therapist. You never know where your next client may come from.

Get on social media and post regularly to keep yourself on clients news feed to remind them to book in. Not sure what to post? Why not follow BusyHive social media and share our posts!

Text or email clients to check in with them especially if you haven’t seen them for a while. Don’t be scared to shout about what a great massage therapist you are!



8    Knowledge

A good therapist will be qualified in massage but it is advisable to keep updated with continual personal development. This can be meeting up with other therapists in a supervision group or courses in new techniques. This keeps the treatments fresh, which is great for you and your client.


9    Timekeeping

Allowing time between your clients to reset your clinic or travel between clients. This also gives you time to reset your mind before your next client. It is important to allow your client a bit of time after a treatment as sometimes massage can bring up emotions and they may need a little extra time to compose themselves or in one case my client had low blood pressure and needed time to sit up again so it is best to allow extra time just in case it is needed.

10    Self care

Be able to listen to your own body and know when you need a break or to slow down as you have taken on too much. Finding time to stretch and relax and also do something for yourself. Being a massage therapist can sometimes be draining emotionally so having time to meditate or exercise or what ever helps to switch your brain off is essential. This is the last in the list but maybe the most important!


I hope you find these tips useful, if you feel I have missed any please comment below.

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