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Hey Guys, Christmas is nearly here again and everyone is going crazy at the shops getting loved ones presents.

Make sure you don’t miss out though – I have listed my top ten gifts to give a massage therapists for under £20! Why not share to encourage others to get you something or maybe it will inspire an idea for you to give to a fellow therapist.

10 – T-shirts.

There are some lovely T-shirts out there can you can pick from, they are great to add some personality to your treatments or to use as a uniform. Sometimes I have got clients by wearing this type of t-shirt in the supermarket and clients approach me. Walking advertisement for massage!

9 – Jewellery holder

I am always forgetting to put my rings back on after a treatment and then can’t remember where I left them. Someone bought me a ring holder which a I use and carry when I am mobile so everything is in one place and its a reminder to put them back on. Also nice for clients to use if you don’t to keep their jewellery in while they receive a treatment.

8 – Trigger point therapy

We all suffer from tight muscles and having something on hand to help with releasing them is great. Also very handy to show clients how to self treat in between treatments.

7 – Self care

These are less trigger point and more general relaxation of the muscles and feeling of well being. Great for when you can’t get to a fellow therapist.

6 – Tea or coffee

Why not find your Therapist favourite hot drink and buy them some as treat between clients. Nothing like a hot brew to keep you going throughout the day.

5 – Mugs

If your thinking of treating your therapist to a warm drink why not something to put it in. You could pick something that matches their branding or maybe have a personalised one made! 

4 – Card Holder

Why not help with promoting your business cards, having them handy on the desk can mean a client picking one up for a friend and more clients! Instead of having them in a pile. Or maybe a card holder to carry with them so they always have their cards handy.

3 – Posters

Why not add to your therapists room with some decoration. Perhaps a poster of anatomy or else their favourite saying or an inspirational quote.

2 – Decorative sheet

Why not add to the clinic with a decorative sheet to place over the massage table when not in use. It can add colour or personality to the room. Why not pick a favourite colour or animal.

1 – Water bottle

As you know hydration is important! Why not encourage your therapist to keep fluids up with a nice water bottle. Again this could be a favourite colour or something to match their branding.

I hope this has given you a few ideas about what to get your therapists for under £20! 

Check out our video for more ideas on what to get a therapist for Christmas here .

We hope you have an awesome Christmas and get lots of goodies from Santa. If you have any topics you would like us to talk about or a story to share please get in touch – hello@busyhive.co.uk.

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