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Top Ten Tips for Aftercare.


Sometimes it can be difficult to think of aftercare treatment to give to your client. Sometimes they don’t need stretches; they may just need some self-care. Here are my top 10 “go to” aftercare ideas

1Hydration! We all know this is important in life to stay hydrated but it is a good idea to have some water after a massage as it can wake you up a bit more after lying down relaxing. Helps your client feel refreshed. Also good to advise in general to carry water with them every day and to make sure they drink it!

2Don’t do anything too strenuous – after a massage weather it was deep tissue or gentle relaxing massage, your body will be in a state of relaxation, muscles have been relaxed so your poor body will not thank you for hitting the gym or going for a run straight away. Unless it is post event massage obviously.

3Stretches – you can give stretches to complement the treatment you have given. If there are no particular stretches, advise your client to move as much as possible – think like a cat when it wakes and has a stretch before it moves.

4Listen to your body – take a moment a few times a day to think about your body and where it feels achy or sore and move that area. Rotate the joint to stretch the muscle to ease the stiffness. Is it time to book another massage?

5Avoid stationary posture of a length of time. If you’re sat at a pc for example for a few hours take a break and go for a walk and remember to move arms and neck too. Getting away from your desk will help mentally and physically.

6Self-care. Find some me time; it can be going for a walk or doing yoga. Maybe meditation. It could even be going for a run or doing a workout. Talk to the client about what they do for relaxation and encourage them to find time to do this. Encourage them to set some time aside to do this, make self care a priority.

7Book another appointment – So many clients don’t book regular appointments they leave it until they feel they need a massage and then book. This causes a few problems – when they contact you they need the massage but if your already booked they may have to wait a week or more, this means by the time they get to you they are in desperation or they go elsewhere or even worse they just don’t book at all. It is hard with some clients to get them to rebook at the last appointment so I know say “lets book in your next appointment now and you can ring me later to change it if its an issue” or explain the importance of regular massage so we can keep the body in better condition rather than working on a stressed body every time.

8Breath – take time each day to breath, think about the breath coming in and as you release the breath out feel shoulders drop and body sinking. Relax onto a bed maybe and concentrate on each area of your body and feel the area relax as you breath out, feel your body become heavier with each breath.

9 – Refer – Sometimes during a massage our clients can have a release of emotion or possibly they can speak about something personal they may be going through. Remember we are not qualified as counselors and although it is good to listen it is sometimes best to advise they see a professional or perhaps another therapist that can deal with what they are going through.

10 – Keep in contact – when you leave the clinic feel free to contact the therapist if you have forgotten your aftercare. Let your client know it is ok to ask about the session rather than waiting until the next appointment.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and if you think of any extra to add please mention them in the comments.

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