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Top Tips to pick a name for your website.

Picking a name for your website or business can be a difficult time. You can’t rush into it, you need to make sure it is the right name for you. It reminds me of picking a name for my children, the pressure to pick the right name and make sure they wouldn’t get teased or how could people shorten it or what nickname it might lead too.

I felt similar pressure when picking a name for my business and website. Once you pick a name and its out there its not advisable to change so pick wisely.

Here are a few tips to think about when you decide to make a website.


  1. Keep it short –  The longer the name the more chance someone could misspell it or type the wrong thing. If it too involved it can be easily forgotten.
  2. Avoid too many extra characters like hyphen or underscore, when telling someone a website name it leaves room for error if someone misunderstands what you mean by a hyphen or forward slash etc…They might not find your website.
  3. Avoid numbers – this can be confusing as to if you mean the number (6 for example) or the numeral (6) Numbers are also harder to remember than words too.
  4. Keep it simple – making it memorable and simple is best – if its easy to remember clients are more likely to pass it on to others. If they keep having to refer to a business card for details it may get forgotten about. This is why i didn’t use my name, people often misspell it so I moved away from Sinead and instead use my initials to make SKBmassage.
  5. Think about keywords – Possibly using massage within the domain name might help clients find you easier or another keyword relating to what you offer.
  6. Research the name – is there anyone already using something close and if so what is their business. If its something different then your client is possibly try again but if its another massage therapist they may gain a client rather than you.
  7. Think about using your location – if you are mobile it may be worth including your location e.g. – Bristol Mobile Massage. It will help when clients are searching for a therapist.
  8. Pick the right TLD – This is the ending to the website name for example the most popular, think about they type of page you have and pick the appropriate TLD.

.com would be for commercial but is used more widely

.co would be for a company

.biz represents a business

.me is a personal site for blogs etc


By following these simple tips you will be in a better position when you decide to buy the domain name – there are many web design sites you can use and they will help find the domain name that not already taken.

Remember pick a name that suits you and explains your business well.

Good luck. 🙂

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