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What am I worth?

I have had a few therapists asking me how to justify what they charge? Are they worth the amount they charge – simple answer – YES you are! But that would prove for a very short blog so here is the longer version….

Whatever style of massage you do you will have invested time and money into getting qualified. Just stop for a moment and think about it.

££ The cost of the course

££ Books

££ Couch and equipment

££ Covers and towels

££ Oils

££ Insurance

And that is all before you decide where to work from so you need to consider rental space or vehicle costs or heat and light…..

it all adds up.

Then think of your time you invested into it – I know this hard for some as it was an enjoyable experience and so hard to include as a cost but it is! Your time is worth more than you realise.

Now your qualified and those costs don’t go away, you need to keep on top of washing covers and running costs and topping up on oils.

You may become a member of an association – which is great but also an additional cost. Any extra courses you go on or books and magazines to keep your knowledge updated.

Thats just running costs – don’t forget you have to feed and look after yourself; rent, heat, light and family costs all need to be covered.

Marketing – you need to get your name out there to advertise yourself, yes most can be done for free on social media but most of us have a website too which comes at a cost. Business cards, vouchers, leaflets, personalised clothing… it all adds up.

Now I have you thinking about your investments – can I have a free massage?

I know most of you just want to help people and that’s great and makes you a fantastic person – the world needs more people like you. BUT (yes here comes the but) you need to realise you are worth more!

If someone contacts you to ask for a massage and cant afford full price – don’t feel bad, you could offer half the time for half the price or a package deal? Like buy four massages and get fifth free for example.

Otherwise they will have to save and call again when they can afford it.

It sounds harsh and honestly I am not all bad – I struggle with this too.

Im not saying anything agains volunteering. This is great and i do it myself for charity but not in my clinic time.

Luckily I have a few friends that made me see my worth. I started by offering my friends half price massage as ‘mates rates’. One of them told me off and insisted on paying full price. She made me realise that just because they were friends and I wanted to help didn’t mean that I should charge less. I am worth the amount I charge and I realise that now – hopefully you do too.

By all means work out whatever works for you and you feel comfortable with but remember if you are cheaper than local therapists potential clients may think you are worth less and may not book – many people believe you get what you pay for.

Go find a mirror look yourself in the eye and say “I am a massage therapist and I am worth it” because you know what


Have an awesome day – sending lots of love and laughter to you all. If you have anything we can help with don’t forget to get in touch


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