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Who knows what is in your future?

There are lots of posts on social media groups about getting more clients and setting up in new spaces or making yourself more attractive to clients.

This is great and making a good business plan makes sense.

BUT – how far into the future are you looking?

I have spoken before in Am I too sick to work? About the importance of having savings so if you can’t work for a time you still have some money to fall back on, but what if its something more serious?

How we would any of us cope if tomorrow we have a fall and break an arm?

Would we have enough savings to cope for the entire time we are in a cast?

I don’t know about you but this made me panic a little. I am in the lucky position that massage is not my only income but what if it was?

I had a cup of tea and chilled out – what are the chances of that happening – pretty minimal really. Then another thought occurred to me – retirement! We have to stop sometime!

Your body can only work for a limited time – eventually you will tire and at best reduce your clients as you age.

Then what?

I have spoken to a few therapists I have met and some have a plan but many don’t

One therapist has bought the clinic he works from and aims to retire and rent the space to other therapists as his income! That way he can carry on working if he wants. Another has gone part time already and spends time teaching as an extra source of income.

So how about some ideas for the future?


It is never too early (or late) to set up a pension scheme. I’m not going to pretend to know the best ones but there are lots of choices so worth looking into and picking the right one to work for you. It will all depend on how much you earn and can spare to put in but can be great way to save for tax relief!

Sales Rep

Many massage companies are looking for sales reps to promote their oils or kit, you could become a stockiest and sell the oils or kit on their behalf. Many therapists I know do this and sell to clients as well as fellow therapists.

Expand your knowledge

You are the best investment in your business. So why not train in other areas, maybe something that is less taxing on your body? Counseling or hypnotherapy are great ideas as you could still possibly do these with an injury.


Expand your clinic

If you are lucky enough to have your own space you could look at sub letting the area to another therapist. Doesn’t have to be another massage therapist. Could be great for swaps as well – getting cheap therapy for both of you and at the same time reducing your payments for the space allowing more money to save! Also giving your clients more therapy options.




Why not pass on the great knowledge you have? Schools and colleges may be looking for help within the courses and this can be a great way into teaching. I imagine this would also be very rewarding too.

Save and invest.

Having a plan where you can save money to invest is also a great idea. This could be to buy a property to rent out or perhaps be mortgage free, anything that you can invest in to get a return later is great!

Sickness insurance

It is worth considering getting insurance to cover you in the event of an injury or illness that means you have to stop work. You can then claim on the insurance to help you over the time you have no income.

Second income

A part time job that supplements your income. This could be something that is less taxing on your body so you get a break. Maybe something completely different. Getting out and doing something different may also lead to new clients! Massage therapy can be a bit lonely if your not in a clinic with others so another job can be great for meeting new people.

Or you could do something that would tie in nicely with massage depending on your niche. I know therapists who are also, PTs, Nutritionist, Midwifes…

Hopefully I have given you a few ideas and think about the future and what will happen after massage is no longer an option.

I wish you all many more years of massage and helping as many people a possible and also prepare for what ever the future may hold.


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